Yea. It's time for some family blogging.
So, here's our Easter recap. First off, you'll have to remember that these fun people were here. We loved it.

There were decorations...
Peeps Bunny Bunting:
Little Lamb Pillows:
Colored Rice Easter Eggs hanging in our archway:
and plenty of good ole fashioned easter egg coloring going on:
I left the dyeing, prepping, cleaning, decorating to the men (while I got our post roast dinner in the oven, compliments of the Pioneer Woman's recipe. Mmmm. It was yummy).
So the boys and Lucy did their thing (we decided it was a good time for Owen to take his nap. Next year little guy).
And Lucy thought it was great fun. She totally got it.
And they came up with this. Well done men! Such pretty colors. Vibrant.
The men then hid the eggs, we woke up Owen, and had our hunt.

Lucy quickly caught on that the plastic easter eggs she was finding had candy in them, while the real eggs were just....boring eggs. So she was kind enough to share the real eggs with Owen each time she found one. Or in this case, throw it at him:
Owen's basket got pretty heavy but he kept lugging that thing around. In the mean time, I hid their real Easter baskets behind the car and Lucy was overly thrilled with her Princess Tiana goodies.
She showed her toys to everyone:
Then she shared her toys with Owen:
and later that week, I made a Ruffled Hobo Sack for her toys (that blue Tiana is now decapitated. Sorry Princess)
The adults started cracking, peeling, and eating eggs so Lucy wanted to join in the fun. Grandpa's head was the perfect crakin spot.
She loved peeling the shell but refused to take a bite.
And Owen looked for bugs with his big over-sized magnifying glass (which the kids got from Grandma and Grandpa). Owen wrote his own song recently that he sings on and off at the house, "a lady bug? (going up in tone), a lady bug (down in tone)" (and repeat). It's really dumb and really cute.
And that was our Easter! (in a nutshell) (or an eggshell) (nononono)


La La Land said...

Love it! Looks like a fun time, and glad that you finally have a moment to post some family stuff!

Nicole said...

Cute, cute pictures. I think the men got the easy fun job!!