How many magazines do you have sitting around your house, ready for the recycle bin? You can turn them into Picture books for Children in other countries. It's a humanitarian effort led by the LDS church. We've been working on them this month and they're so easy to do...perfect while you watch tv. (here are some example pages)

- Cut out pictures of animals, flowers, fruits/vegetables, kids, etc. from magazines
- Glue them to paper/cardstock with a glue stick
- Put them in a plastic sheet protector
- Bind 10 pages in a cheap report folder
- Send it to the LDS Humanitarian Dept and they take care of distribution.

There are certain guidelines the church would like you to follow. For instance, we don't want to show flashy American materialism (cars, fashion, bling bling, etc)
If you want to join the fun, it's easy to do. Here's the website, which shows the guidelines:
Click on "Humanitarian Aid Kit Patterns" (on the right column, near the bottom).
Then click on "Children's Picture Book" (it's under Education).
A pdf file will download for you.

I was working on one of these at work yesterday, and someone walked by asking what I was doing. When I explained, they thought it was great and asked if they could help cut out pics. That made me laugh.



She walked, by gollie, she walked!
Last night Lucy took about 5-6 funny steps all on her own!
Casey and I sat a few feet from each other and made her walk back and forth to us.
Yes, she was shaky, yes, she loved it, and yes....she looked retarded with her "doi doi doi" baby talk coming out at the same time. But it was retarded-cute! Is that possible? Perhaps.
As I say with every milestone: Our lives are changing.
Turn, and face the strain...ch ch chaaang-es.


#2, no onions, no spread, ketchup and mustard instead

My two brothers worked at In N Out for years and I never ate there.
I got pregnant with Lucy and couldn't get enough of it.
For some reason, that phase has never ended.


Don't worry, this won't become Dana's Seinfeldesque rant session. But I do have a "what's the deal" here or there.
And this morning.....I was hoggin the road, cause I hate it when drivers cheat.
The right lane on the 170 freeway merges 3 lanes into 1 and at one point, the lane is very very wide. So lame-os pretend ignorance of the merge and breeze by the rest of us on the right-side, pretty much on the shoulder. Argh. You're cheatin the rest of us who have been waiting in line!
This morning, I hogged the whole lane and camped out in the middle of it (sooo luxurious), and I managed to stop a driver from passing us all up! Of course 2 cars got by me. I tried.
Am I the lame-o?
I just want the world to be more fair.
You're right, it never will be.

I put my pants on just like the rest of you - one leg at a time.
Except, when my pants are on, I make gold records.



Here I am, a new blogger!
I feel like the idiot old person who thinks it's acceptable to say, "what the hizzle?"
I guess I'm just behind the times on this. So forgive me if I feel silly telling someone to "check out my blog". I'll get used to it soon enough.

So, uh, enjoy checkin out my blog! I hope to keep it entertaining.
Les jeux sont faits: the game is up, your ass is mine


What is "joey"

Joey (adj.):

1. behaving in a manner slightly more serious than the situation calls for.
2. to be overly earnest, interested, and/or involved in a subject, lifestyle, or endeavor.
3. displaying sincere and often comical reverence towards a particular subject.
4. the event that a song, phrase, movie, or any other object can exhibit a state of being more serious or reverent than is probably necessary.

First conceptualized under a different name in the late 1970’s by the Willard Family of Tucson, Arizona, and revived in the mid-1980’s, “joey” has enjoyed a phenomenal rise in usage over the last two decades. Frequent and appropriate use of the term was practiced by 4 people during the first years of the ’80’s. Now, roughly 20 years later, the term is used correctly by at least 100 people, and incorrectly by as many as 17.

“Joey” came to being while the Willards spent their pre-teen years in Boy Scouts. Ever a breeding ground for Joey activity and Joey traditions, Scouting provided for the Willard boys a few clear models of what Joey is about. Unbeknownst to many of the other Scouts involved, we often referred to those who knew all the rites and customs of Scouting as “Joe Scouts”. This included the attainment of many merit badges, wearing the merit badge sash at Scout meetings, and knowing every rope knot that is needed in a pinch. A Joe Scout would often show up at the most informal of gatherings dressed in the proper Scouting garb.
From this experience stemmed many other uses of the term Joey, or the prefix Joe. One could be Joey in just about any form of hobby or endeavor. There are Joe Accountants, Joe Statisticians,and even Joe Skateboarders. Provided one’s behavior matches the criteria specified in the above definition, they could be accurately accused of Joey at just about any time. This is not to say that Joey is necessarily an undesirable state, although the accusation is most often meant as such.

From Los Angeles to New York to as far away as Mexico and Mozambique, “joey” is establishing itself as an indespensable term for either mockery or empirical identification. It is the hope of the creators that this term will soon enter into the universal lexicon with its intended definition and usage.

At a very early age, Brett Spackman (shown left) was about as joey as you can be.