Fancy Sky

Our Valentine's day ended with a spectacular pink sunset. Mother Nature was celebrating the red and pink day along with us.
Then driving home from the park today we saw another sunset--not quite as rich and gorgeous as the one above--but still filled with pretty pinks and blues. I pointed it out to Lucy and we had this quick exchange....

L: Wow mom! The sky is almost.....fancy!
Me: (chuckling), you're right! It is fancy!
L: No, I said almost
Me: Oh. Almost. Well....then what would a real fancy sky look like?
L: Um, there would be white and pink and some orange and yellow and blue. No green though.
Me: Yep. That would be a very fancy sky.

I love Lucy.



Well, the sun came out this morning and mr. snowman looked like this. I like how his body morphed into a nose.
And when we got back from church, he was just an eyeball.
Bye bye Frosty!
And then Lucy's hair did this.
For a place that is so humid in the summer, it's amazing how dry it feels in the winter. I'm slathering the lotion on like crazy!

Later in the day we got ready for our little Superbowl party.
Casey was wearing green.
And I happened to put on yellow. So, um....go Packers!
(Lucy was getting artistic with her photos).
We had a few friends over to watch the game and it was super fun! Good food, happy kids, fun conversation, oh, and lots of football watching.



Yesterday we got our one day of snow for the year!
Well, it was more like 6 hours but it was enough to bundle the kids up and play outside till they were too cold and wet.
The best snow gathered on the trampoline. So Casey climbed up (decked out in full ski gear) to gather it in a bucket.
And Lucy bounced around him.

Owen was short-lived and wanted to go inside after 5 minutes.
So he watched the rest of the festivities from behind the glass--and so did I.
Casey and Lucy brought a few buckets of snow over to the back porch and started building a snowman.
Ta da. One funny bucket-head looking snowman, sporting a Grateful Dead hat.
It'll do.
Then we had hot chocolate and toast.
Owen in his odds-and-ends "warm" outfit.
The kids examined Lucy's Frosty the Snowman picture to see if Casey's snowman looked similar.
Pretty close. They both have pipecleaner arms!
And now the gear will go back in the garage till next year.


Iccccy Collld

Yesterday it was 75 degrees. We played at the park in short sleeved shirts.
Today is was 18!
EIGHTEEN! That's a 57 degree change!
And since we're normally known as a warmer place, it's hard to believe that it really is cold outside because there's no snow or ice to show for it, until I saw this:
Someone left the sprinklers on in the bank parking lot by our house. And the icicles were gorgeous.
Leaves and stems were encased by the frozen water.
Even single blades of grass.
Just hearing the jeweled grass crunch under my feet was beautiful. And so was the sight of my butt sticking up in the air as I crouched down on the cold grass, munching blades with my knees to take this photo, while cars continued to drive by to the bank and HEB. The photo is always worth it.
I hope you're staying warm wherever you are!