Happy Donut Birthday

Today this guy turned 37:
It's been a while since we got donuts, so we had a birthday morning celebration at Donut World by my parent's house.
It's always such a big important decision....though it will likely come down to pink or white frosting and sprinkles.

I sneaked behind the counter and found the special racks, without a glass covering.
Owen took some hefty bites and quickly asked for another round.
I guess when you're only eating the frosting, you go through donuts pretty fast. Silly boy.
Jeremy and Luce.
My donut choice:
His manly choice:
Adults chatting, Mere texting, kids playing.
Advertising only the color-blind would enjoy:
Thank you Donut World! You're my favorite sugary, greasey, donuty stop!
And Happy Birthday my Dear. You make a handsome #37.