Our backyard is pretty sparse. There's just grass and well, a fence! So a few months ago we bought a trampoline from our friends that were moving. I wasn't sure how it would go over. I knew the kids would love it....but for how long? And I feared it would look ghastly, seeing it peek up over the fence when you walked up to our house.
But....it's been GREAT! Both kids love it (though Owen was scared to jump for the first two weeks). And with our large tree in the front yard, you really don't even notice the trampoline at all. Seriously, fabulous purchase.
The kids jump almost every day. It's the perfect "get the wiggles out" kind of activity (a variation on my mom's "go run two laps around the block" when we were kids).
The kids (and sometimes Mom and Dad) jump around with soccer balls:
in the sprinklers:
(with the option of being clothed or naked)
and even princess costumes (with Lucy's friend Cameron)
After a 1/2 hour or more, most of the wiggles are out. Hooray for trampolines and easy entertainment!


Saunja said...

YAY! You posted on your family blog! I mean... I know you post every single day on your other blog. But I'm so excited to see a post on here! :)

So super fun that you got a trampoline. I want one so bad! We have so many fun memories jumping on the tramp when we were little. Especially fun with the hose splashing water all over the place!

Camille said...

So awesome to have a trampoline! How great to have a place to get all the energy out. It looks like a nice size too. I love the pic of Lucy up close w/Owen. She is such a cute little girl.

Jean said...

AHH! That's so awesome. Trampolines are endless fun. You can also bounce with tons of balls, and you can lie on it at night and look at the stars!! Good times. :-)

Those kiddos are so darn cute. I love the princess bouncing, hahaha.

Sara said...

so. fun.