Happy Donut Birthday

Today this guy turned 37:
It's been a while since we got donuts, so we had a birthday morning celebration at Donut World by my parent's house.
It's always such a big important decision....though it will likely come down to pink or white frosting and sprinkles.

I sneaked behind the counter and found the special racks, without a glass covering.
Owen took some hefty bites and quickly asked for another round.
I guess when you're only eating the frosting, you go through donuts pretty fast. Silly boy.
Jeremy and Luce.
My donut choice:
His manly choice:
Adults chatting, Mere texting, kids playing.
Advertising only the color-blind would enjoy:
Thank you Donut World! You're my favorite sugary, greasey, donuty stop!
And Happy Birthday my Dear. You make a handsome #37.


Karis said...

happy bday casey! i am still 2 days older than you!

Jean said...

Happy birthday to Casey!!! I can't imagine a better birthday breakfast than donuts. :-)

Allison Hansen said...

I had to crack up at Lucy in the first photo -- she looks totally overwhelmed in the best 4-yo-in-donut-shop way!

Happy Birthday, Casey!!!

Lindsay RC Wilson said...

Happy Birthday, Casey. And, thanks a lot for feeding my craving for what I know I won't get for Christmas since I am not sure 2 weeks in a priority mailing box would be too appetizing. Besides, sweets never make it past the University mailroom. (RIP Cadbury cream eggs)

dietcokegrrl said...

Donuts!!!! Yum! Happy Birthday Casey!

Camille said...

Seriously what an awesome post! I love that you have pictures inside Donut World and of the nice people that own it. I love the picture of Owen. So cute. And those shots of the donuts up close look sooooo yummy. I should've gone with you guys. Fun way to start a birthday morning!.....or every morning. : ) Maybe that's why I've been trying to eat better. haah.

Camille said...

ps. those donuts on the open rack are reserved for people who have placed an order. I was so bummed one time when they were all out old fashion chocolates and then I saw a bunch sitting on that rack. I was so happy to see them, and then she told me the bad news. Maybe I just need to call in my order every morning. : )

Jesslyn said...

Happy Birthday, Casey!! Don't get all Joey about nearing 40! ;) hee-hee

Becky said...

happy bday to your hubby. Love that you guys stay true to your love of donuts!