Pretend City

While we were in California last month we finally made a trip to Pretend City in Irvine with Laura, Camille, and the kiddos....and....an extra special treat was that Doris and her kids came down to join us too!
The kids were super excited about it all. The lobby alone was intriguing.
And the inside was adorable! The entire place is set up like, well, a city. Everything is miniature and the kids get to try it all out. The can work in the post office, hang out in the library, the farm, doctor's office, theater....it's all there!
Owen and Ava hung out at the beach:
Camille checked out the Mexican restaurant:
Lucy with her cute friends Sammy and Hannah. We miss these guys!
and cute little Helene. This girl has grown up so much. She's a doll.
Baby Anna was a doll too and just chilled in her stroller.
Ava worked at the local market.
And uh, Sammy and Lucy went on their first date? Funny photo.
There was a tiny house, complete with a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and kids rooms.
a doctor's office with mini crutches,
and cool phone that could call to all the other rooms in the city. Leah loved it.
The grocery store was awesome.
Laura was impressed with the deli bar.
And the two highlights of the day were dancing on the stage (apparently Owen knows the Robo Cop),
and playing at the farm.
The farm was my favorite too. It was just brilliant! The kids picked fruit from the orchards.
and then they worked in the garden.
If we lived closer, I think we'd need an annual pass. We were there for two hours and the kids could easily have stayed longer (but the moms were hungry).
So we headed off to this place and it was like old times with Doris, me, and our crazy circus of kids.
A totally fun day! And I totally miss Doris. Thanks for driving down to play with us!


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Nicole said...

Wow, what a super fun place! I would love it there too, especially the Mexican Restaurant!

Jenny said...

How cool is that?!?!? Oh to have an afternoon at a place like that!

Jean said...

I'm so glad that you got to see Doris and the kiddos!! Yay!! (And In N Out! I am craving it bad.)

I only took Weston to Pretend City once, but I LOVED IT. I would buy an annual pass, too, if I were still in CA. It doesn't hurt that Cafe Rio is like five minutes away from there!!