Christmas and then some

Merry Christmas from the Willards! We hope you had a fun holiday.
We had busy weeks leading up to Christmas and a very busy week between the big day and New Years. But it was all so much fun and we loved it! I could easily make this into 4 different posts...but let's just throw it all together. Here's what we've been up this Christmas month.

My fun friend Lyndsey threw a Cookie Party. Yum!
The two pregnant ladies were in heaven (not sure if they're throwing up here or gorging on treats)Allison and Doris:
Natalie, me, and Jen:
Fun party Lyndsey! Plenty o treats and plenty of fun conversation as the night went on. Sorry Brandon that we stayed till 11pm!------------------------------------------------
The kids wore their (non-Christmasy) outfits to church on Sunday. Lucy's little paperdoll dress is my new favorite and it's especially cute because it came, unexpectedly, in the mail from a fun blogging friend Pretty Jane. She is too sweet! She just sent it as a gift! I love meeting cool friends in the blogging world and I love this little dress. In her shop, it's officially known as The Lucy Dress. How appropriate.
I made Owen's argyle shirt to go along with the yellow motif.------------------------------------------------
some of us took naps:
(Owen's sleeping with the Scottie Dog blanket I got for Christmas from Granner when I was 10).
I spent 5 days working:
...while the kids hung out with Grandma and Grandpa. And we joined up with them at night. My little camera was on the fritz, so I don't have any fun pictures. But here's Grandpa, hanging out in the soft leather chair:
Christmas Eve was spent doing the normal Suman tradition: Caroling to the fireman. I think all the adults are a little sick of it but the kids seem to enjoy it each year. This was Lucy's first time seeing the the firetrucks and climbing aboard:
Lucy and Carly Tobler, having a moment:

The Willard Firefighters:
Back at my parent's house, we ate tons of yummy food and had a little musical program. None of us Suman kids prepared anything...but once all the guests left, we broke out the instruments and played Christmas carols. Sorry Dad! We'll prepare something next time around.------------------------------------------------
Christmas morning we were all up and downstairs by 8am. Jeremy and the kids were ready to go by 7am, but it took a while for everyone to wake up...which meant I actually got to take a shower and got dressed BEFORE we opened gifts! It was so luxurious.
Lucy really enjoyed unwrapping gifts and staring at everything under the tree. Her favorite gift was Little Einsteins figurines, which she played with ALL. DAY. LONG. in the living room. Honestly, I didn't see her for hours. Best six dollars I ever spent!
Mere got a sweaty wad of cash, all taped up, and stuffed in a tissue box. Weeeee!
And Jeremy got, well....everything? He was rolling in Bakugan toys, tshirts, game boards, and more. He was in heaven!
I got...my new camera! Yay! I'm still learning to use it.
And Rachael cut my hair, so I also got bangs for Christmas (which I'm also learning how to use)
The day after Christmas, the guys headed off on an adventure.
Bryan, Eric, Casey, and Mark woke up at 5am and hiked Saddleback Mountain. Saddleback is the highest point in Orange County and a 16-mile, steep, roundtrip hike, which involves some trudging through snow. I'm so glad they like doing this kind of stuff (similar to their 90 mile bike ride to San Diego 2 Christmases ago.)

It was an intense hike but well worth it (so they've said).
I'm pretty sure there were all sorts of funny conversations going on:

And great guy bonding.
Bryan was the ring-leader, who got them all jazzed about going. Nice work Bryan!
Entering: Snow
Bryan had sweat through his beanie and the sweat froze on the outside. Funny looking:Chilling at the radio towers at the top:
Summit! Really cool photo. Good job guys! We're all impressed you did it. Casey looks ready to hike Everest when he's done here.
The rest of Christmas vacation can be summarized with two words: Legos and RockBand

My parents have a large collection of legos. And so, for weeks, Casey and my brothers have been planning to build something marvelous over the holiday. They started in the morning, organizing colors and pieces:
While the girls played Rock Band:
Still sifting through pieces. My dad participated in the conquest:
A castle has emerged! And the girls are still playing Rock Band:
Near completion:
Finished. Toot-too-too-Toooo! (that's my trumpet sound). Very cool castle. Well worth a day's labor:
The Guard:
The Throne:
The Torture Chamber and Prison:
And now, time for more Rock Band!
Truly a really, really fun Christmas!

I must point out that highest score yet goes to: CLED (Camille, Laura, Eric, Dana) with 380,000 points! for their rendition of Oasis's: Don't Look Back in Anger.


dietcokegrrl said...

YAY! You're back! I've been missing my 88MPH fix. :)

Sounds like Christmas was fun for everyone and I love the rock band pics! And I didn't know you played violin...

Fun to see all the pics and the guys did a great job with the legos. Impressive.

LOVE the bangs--are you getting used to them? So cute!

Oh and YAY for the new camera! Just in time, huh?

dana said...

I'm glad we have a fan out there :)! And yes, the bangs are taking some getting used to. I really love them but they seriously have good days and bad days (as all hair does). Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day!

Nat said...

Crazy cute bangs!! A new look for the new year, so fun. YAY- you got your camera! Santa must really love you. :)

Joe and Marci said...

What a fun Christmas, hurray for Little Einsteins! Your kids look like they had a great time, and I love your new 'do.
Merry Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, late :)

Saunja said...

Looks like a super fun time! Cute bangs. Cool that the guys hiked Saddleback. Funny frozen sweaty beanie.

lyndsey said...

great recap! i have been anxiously awaiting your updates. christmas looked fun! and YAY -- now you understand my new rock band obsession. we have rb2 though, i wonder if the songs are different. also -- way to go on that lego castle. they are pros.

megan said...

yeah, I can see why this post took you forever! I can't even remember what I was going to say anymore....

hmmm...awesome lego castle! fun cookie party, wish I could have made it! and I didn't know you played violin either...so many hidden talents

megan said...

oh yeah, and sorry for submitting my comment on your last post twice....after hearing about your spammer I feel bad

Sara said...

Such a fun couple of weeks! You look awesome in the picture with your new camera, such a professional!
I hope you don't mind, I copied a bunch of pictures from New Year's Eve- our camera was MIA most of the evening!