10 years ago, today

It's that time of year, when BYU students start wearing shorts in 64 degree weather and apartments are vacated as quickly as possible so kids can head home for the summer.

Well ten years ago today, I wasn't wearing shorts (I gave up on that my freshman year since mine were all too short and knee length or capris were NOT the thing then). But in 1999, Casey and I both graduated from BYU. We sat in the same big graduation and didn't even know each other's names. In fact, for many years we lived only a block from each other but didn't meet till 5 years later. Crazy how life happens.

Casey graduated with a B.S. in Statistics. BYU had just started the 5 year B.S/Master's degree joint program the year he graduated. In retrospect, he wishes he would have stuck around for it. But hey, I was ready to get out of there too. And oddly enough.....he's just months away from getting his Master's degree from Cal State LA this June!

Casey and his parents:
Linda, Casey and his brother Brady:
With one of his professors:
Hanging out on campus with the famous Y in the background. For all you youngsters out there, that library behind him was still under construction. We never knew the campus you all lived on.
And I've already shared my sentiments with Casey......but his style has definitely come far by the time we met in LA. I don't want to think I was superficial back then, but those pants wouldn't have made me interested in a date. I'm a big believer that timing is everything. And it's a good thing we met in our later years.
Just for kicks, a picture of his brother Jeff and good friend Brett, from the Y days:
I graduated with a B.A. in Communications, TV Production emphasis. (I actually finished in December of '98 but was still in Provo working for KBYU full-time and could participate in the ceremony.) I loved my major and have loved where it's taken me in the film/tv world. And though there are days that I question whether I should have majored in Fashion Design and learned the real ins and outs of clothing creation, I'm glad I did what I did. Hey, I can still improve my sewing craft in the future.

Casey's family and my family sat in those chairs behind me for the huge graduation, while the grads sat on the floor of the Marriott Center. But since I had spent the past 3 years working on the TV production side, I decided to join my crew and worked as the camera operator for the ceremony. It seemed the appropriate way to graduate, doing what I had studied (my hair was brownish/red then):
Here I am in one of the control rooms where we broadcasted hours of Blue and White Sports Network games, KBYU News, rountable discussions, and silly projects. I really loved those days. It was such a team effort. And I met/worked with some wonderful people (including my friend Amie Amezcua who became a really close friend of mine when she moved to LA too).
Me, Camille, and my cousin Rachael. I used that kroq keychain for years.
The next day were the individual Major ceremonies, which I did participate in.
Me and Camille:
Rachael and me. She, Laura, and I lived together my last couple years there. What fun. And how 90s were our shoes?
Eric and Laura. 1960s?
And to finish off the day, we kids wanted to eat at Del Taco on State Street in Orem (which was the only one around). My parents, who were paying, did not protest!
Today, my brother Mark (the one on the right in the photo above) is graduating from BYU with his Masters in Information Technologies (though I'm sure there's a more technical name for it). It's cool to see it all come full-circle. Congrats Mark!

I really truly loved my BYU days, FAR more than my High School ones. Sometimes I wish we were blogging/emailing people back then because I would have so much more to read and remember. But I still have plenty of dumb photos. And I did actually have an email account by the time I left. We weren't that archaic.

Happy Graduating day everyone!


the bates motel said...

seriously 10 years ago! so seems like just yesterday! and i look kinda scary not a fan of those pics of me. but we are both kinda tan (maybe we layed out in that 64 degree weather :)! cute pics of you and casey and what a small world that you both were in the same room graduating and how many years later you would hook up and get married! fun how things work out.

megan said...

what a fun post! those shoes crack me up! and how beautiful does your sis in law (laura?...know which pic i'm talking about?) look in that up close pic

i love these throwback posts...so fun to see what everyone looked like and such

lyndsey said...

omg, totally loved the flashback! casey's hair, YOUR hair, the shoes, the memories of byu [no library? seriously? dang, i AM young], everything. ha -- i was actually just thinking the other day, whatever happened to dana's flashback fridays? guess this will compensate :)

it's totally funny how things come full circle and timing is everything. i've been thinking a lot about byu this week too, reading about all the graduation ceremonies...sort of sentimental, and sort of filled with dread that i have to now go back. guess my circle is coming around too.

Nicole said...

I like seeing your hair that color & length, very cute! Fun to see picks of you back then. Congrats to your brother on his accomplishment & Casey sure ages well, he looks the same! Fun pics.

dietcokegrrl said...

I soooooooo love this post! Where to begin?

The comment about Casey's pants me totally laugh!

I love your hair--both the length and the color, Laura looks so goth in those pics, I totally remember those shoes--and had a pair or two myself. I'm with you on the email/blogging thing--I have so few pictures from those days...it makes me sad. Oh well.

I miss those college days sometimes...good times. I just wish I knew then what I know now...I guess it's true that hindsight is 20/20.

Thanks for the memories!! :)

Family Scads said...

Loved the picture of my dad! I was so shocked when I saw that. You were always one of his favorites. It's crazy that I ended up in your family.

Casey said...

The greatest of all ironies! As if Dana was ever going to date me at BYU, even if my style was up to snuff. At age 28, after asserting myself a bit in a thinner dating pool, and having improved my style a bit, she only BARELY agreed to date me. So yeah, timing is everything.

Happy 10 year anniversary, sweetheart.

Jean said...

Happy grad-iversary!! That's awesome. It's funny to think that the BYU that you and Casey vacated in April 1999 was the one that Tim headed for that fall!!

LOVE those chunky shoes. I remember those babies. AWESOME.

La La Land said...

Great post! I totally had those platform sandals you were wearing. Love it! I should have graduated with you, but going on a mission put me back 2 years.

Oh, and I like your hair dark!

Diane said...

Wow, I almost don't recognize you. I love the hair color!

B Brown said...

I love you with dark hair! It looks just as fab as you with blonde hair. Congrats to Casey on his upcoming graduation. I'll bet he can't wait.

p.s. the word verification as I post this comment is "redorkle". I'm totally gonna start using that!

Sara said...

those pictures are awesome. Casey looks so different. Oh, we totally went to Del Taco after Mark's graduation... but the one on Bulldog.

Joe and Marci said...

Ahhh, good times. I will always treasure the two years before my mission that I had the BEST ROOMMATES EVER!! I only knew you with blond hair, but I love the other color too. Too bad we don't have more pictures from back then, although I do have a few from our trip to California.
Hey, I just realized that I graduated on the same day as you guys! I think I remember you at the camera. It is a small, small world!

Michaela said...

Great post! I really enjoyed reading this. And you're right about those shoes- so 90's.

sachia said...

I thought I left a coment on this post, this is what inspired me to do a flashback of my own. The pants Casey has on were awesome...I love your dark hair, I love that you didn't date him until later, and I love that you are quite perfect together...funny how that all pans out. Really fun, thank you for letting us in! I am sooo loving the dark hair...I know I already said that but I just had to carry on.

Kelly said...

Funny pics! That is so funny how they look so OLD, but it really wasnt that long ago. I am telling rach I saw those pics! Ha,he,he