An evening at the lake

After a nice Conference day at my parent's house, Sunday evening seemed like the perfect time to feed the ducks. And since we weren't in LA, we found a lake with ducks to feed. How gorgeous was the night? Santa Maragarita Lake:

Gram and Owen:
Bryan and the bugs:
Camille (and Eric):
My Dad, Billy Drew.
Casey says this picture reminds him of this lovely photo.
Lucy insisted on wearing this hat the whole time (from my mom's dress-up stash):
She likes being a cowgirl.
Ava throwing bread:
My mom, Laura, and Owen with his eyes closed:
When the ducks were more than feed, we found a great hill to roll down. Eric was hands down the best roller.
Wonderful Sunday evening.


megan said...

that first picture almost doesn't look real, it is sooo beautiful!!

and that pic of your dad totally looks like pres hinckley..wow

lyndsey said...

what a beautiful night! good job capturing the moment.

and before i even read the caption below that pic of your dad, i thought "wow, that looks like pres. hinckley." lol. we have that photo on our fridge so i look at it every day :)

the bates motel said...

wow looks like a way nice night in rsm. fun outing w/ the fam. that pic of your pops is totally a hinkley look alike too! love it.

Suman Family said...

it was a fun afternoon / evening. i stole a couple pics. i am going to post a little video of the hill rolling. it's kind of funny to watch. thanks for having a great camera that takes great pics for the rest of us!

Jean said...

That lake is beautiful!! I love Lucy's new favorite dress-up hat!

Nicole said...

I just LOVE the picture of Lucy in the cowgirl hat. Oh she looks precious!!

Saunja said...

Beautiful pictures! So many things to comment on... let's see... The bugs and Bryan, so funny. I hope one flew into his mouth? Dad's picture does look similar to the adorable picture of President Hinckley. Dad is right up there next to President Hinckley in my book. LOVE Lucy the Cowgirl. She needs a sister named Lyla. The night was so beautiful! And that picture of Camille is really pretty.

Karis said...

I agree with Casey. Total resemblance there. Looks like you had fun and what a beautiful looking night!

Sara said...

your pics are gorgeous. What a fun and relaxing Sunday. Tell Jeremy his hat totally rocks. And, btw, I love your shirt dresses. They are darling!!!

theleguis said...

love that..your making me homesick!

La La Land said...

Your Dad totally looks like GBH in that photo! I thought that before I even looked at the link. Cool!

B Brown said...

I'm still amazed at the gorgeous pictures your camera takes. What a fun family day!