A few days before our Christmas trip to California, all the girls and I went to our local town Theater to see ANNIE on stage! I know, I know, you're thinking Waiting for Guffman caliber. But I was actually impressed. The little girl that played Annie was quite good!

The whole group of us (eating mexican food as fast as possible before the show started)
I was loving Tiffany's hair. So 1930s glam. Tiffany is always dolled up real cute.
The theater is just gorgeous. It's from the 50s, with real character and charm. And there's not a bad seat in the house.
Miss Hanigan (who was so-so. Bummer) and the orphans:
cute girls.
Ta-gether at last! Ta-gether for-evah. And if tomorrow I'm an apple-seller too...I don't need anything but you!
Um, how excited am I to meet Annie?.....from a small theater production...in a small town....in central Texas? Yea. It's the little things in life to get excited about. Funny thing is, I was at Michael's yesterday and did a double take; she was there with her mom and sister and normally has a short brown bob. Cute.
Fun night! The theater has open auditions to anyone in the area. In August, they're performing The Wedding Singer musical and I'm so tempted to try out! Of course, with our summer schedule it will be hard with rehearsals since we plan to travel a bit. So maybe the local thea-tah will have to wait.
Great performance Annie!


Jean said...

That's awesome!! Annie is such a cutie. You should totally audition for that show!! This will sound silly, but if I ever lived in a small town again, I think I might audition for shows. (Not because I'm talented, but just because my utter lack of vanity might be appealing for the less-popular roles. Haha!)

Becky said...

how fun! Katie really likes musicals. She loves the music from the Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. the lyrics to My Fair Lady haven't quite stuck with her though. Annie might be a good one though, lots of kids, although I can see her asking a zillion questions about orphans.

The Miller Family: said...

annie's microphone is cracking me up