Doot-Doo and Oboe

Sounds kind of like a song. It's just our kids' names. And in the past month those two kiddos have really grown up. Owen has started talking like crazy....copying everything we say and making an effort to try out new sounds. But one thing he CAN'T say is Lu-cy. It comes out Doot-Doo, every time. It makes all of us laugh. He sits in the car the car smiling and saying hi Doot-Doo, hi Doot-Doo. Thankfully Lucy finds it funny too.
As for the Oboe part of it. Camille and Jeremy gave him that nickname when he was little and we've grown attached to it. Casey calls him that all the time and now when Owen refers to himself he just says, Oboe. As in "Oboe Milk" or "Oboe nap?" It's pretty cute. And it's amazing how much more of their personality comes out when they can communicate in words. What a fun boy. He has two ear-infections right now but he still keeps us laughing.

His other new obsession is Toy Story. He carries the Buzz and Woody doll figurines around all. day. long. And likes to make them fly. "Mom, look! Buzz. Fly." I hear that about 500 times a day. He's even holding them here:
And for our grown-up Doot-Doo, she started Primary in January! She's a sunbeam! And she was very ready for it (she's on the older end of kids that left nursery). She walked in, sat down, and even gave the prayer this past Sunday.
Our little girl is almost FOUR. Wow.
In January she also started.....Preschool!! She (and especially ME) are loving it! We found a very cool program through a local gymnastics gym. So, not only does she get her normal preschool routine in but she gets an hour of tumbling and gymnastics instruction too. Score!

The school days are longer here in Texas.....she goes from 9am-2pm, Mondays and Wednesdays. And Fridays are an optional drop-off for additional money. Yep, I've done it a few times already. The Friday class is small with only 4 kids, so it's really fun for her. And Lucy has a favorite little friend there: David. She's always talking about him and telling me that he says funny stuff. And in return she likes to call him "Potato Head" (she spouts off some lines from Toy Story). I broke down and got her a Princess backpack for being a big school girl:
and of course she loves it. She's done great in school so far. There was one day she cried a bit and told the teacher "I miss my mom". But we cleared that up with a little candy bribery for having a "good day at school". And now that she's made a few friends, she really looks forward to going.
Oh, those cute kiddos. I found this picture in a folder the other day and it's so precious to me. From our old apartment in Pasadena, Lucy feeding Owen peas and carrots:
My, how these two have grown. We love you Oboe and Doot-Doo!


Jean said...

Oh my goodness, Owen and Weston would totally be best buds over their mutual obsession with Toy Story. Haha! And I really love Lucy's dress. So cute!! I can't believe how old they're getting!

Nicole said...

Ooooh, so cute!! I love everything about this post. Doot-Doo & Oboe, we sure miss them & they sure are growing up. Lucy FOUR?!? My goodness, she is such a cute & sweet girl & I can't believe she is getting so big. I can just imagine her excitement in Primary.

Kate said...

Cute kids Dana...one day i WILL make that dress. I think it might be my favorite!

Leslie said...

oh Dana.. the sweetest of sweetest post.. I don't even know these two and it made me tear up... there is someting so sweet about them getting to know one another.. isn't there.. we are enjoying it here with our two also.. and yes the peas and carrots pic.. is melting... seriously.

gunnfam said...

They are so big! I'm also totally jealous of the preschool, sounds like a dream. School and Gymnastics?! I gotta find us one of them!

dietcokegrrl said...

WOW--they looks so grown up in those pictures. LOVE the nick names...how cute is that??

YAY for preschool--and I love the gymnastics combo! Great idea!!

lyndsey said...

SO cute. they are so grown up! i love hearing the little updates :)

The Miller Family: said...

owen looks like ava in the last pic. they are so old and so adorable.

Sara Suman said...

THey are getting so big. So fun that Lucy is in preschool and I am sure you are loving the extra time! Cute kids!!