Snowy Day

So here's the thing about Texas: the weather is predictably unpredictable.

This happened a month ago....
On Sunday evening we all wore short sleeved shirts and walked to the park at 6pm.
The next morning we woke up to this:
Actually, I heard the rain coming down in the night as we slept. And I woke up to Lucy running into our room with, "mom, it's snowing!"
"No sweetie (wishing I was still sleeping), it's just rain."
"No! It's snow! Come see!"

Still not believing her, certain it was "snowing" on her princesses' house or something pretend, I stumbled out of bed, rubbed my eyes, and wow! Sure enough. It was snowing!! I immediately grabbed my camera and ran outside like an idiot in my pjs to capture the white stuff.
I know I posted about our "snow" before. But this time it was the REAL deal. I know, I know. Those of you living in snowy places are laughing at my excitement. But seriously, this is like snow falling in Phoenix. It doesn't really happen here! (at least it's not supposed to. But there's that "predictable unpredictability" thing again).
Falling right out of the sky. I forget how beautifully quiet it is. Not like the racket of rain.
Casey immediately announced that he wished he didn't have to go to work. But since he did, he ran out back and made the tiniest (alien-ish) snowman.....
yep. He's only 5 inches tall.
So Casey went to work and we stayed inside watching the snow fall from the front room; enjoying the white beauty. You can really enjoy it when it only lasts for a day.
Rooftops sure look pretty covered in white. At one point we left the house and I forgot about scraping off my car. I left that memory in my Utah college days. So I grabbed the kitchen broom and went at it. Worked pretty good.
When Casey got back home from work, the snowy fun began. Casey went straight to the garage and grabbed his snowboarding gear. I wrapped the kids up in whatever warm things they owned (not much) and everyone played in the backyard:
Lucy totally loved it. She danced, tromped, galloped,
and learned how to have a snowball fight.
winding up:
and taking a hit:
seriously, don't mess with dad.
Lucy started to hold her own though, after a while.
And then Casey helped the kids build a snowman:
Another adventure Lucy was thrilled about.
Owen however, just tromped back and forth in the snow getting as wet as possible. And the poor kid had no gloves.
I eventually tried to put Casey's on him. But that didn't last long. He was the first one inside for a warm bath. I helped Lucy make a snowman face out of big legos.
Ta da!
our Snowman was complete! Not the finest guy. But he'll do.
And for a neighborhood with not a lot of kids normally playing outside.....everyone came out of the woodwork on the coldest day of the year. Seems that every kid was making a snowman in his front yard. And just over our fence, our neighbor was working on his (with a ball in the middle of the head. clever). A paparazzi lens comes in handy.
To finish off the fun, two snow angels. Casey:
And by the next morning, this is what our snowman looked like:
With his face hanging at his feet.

We love you Texas. You always keep us wondering!


the bates motel said...

what a fun snow day! esp since you know it won't last!

lyndsey said...

ok ok, that is a legit snow day :) so cute that you guys could all get out and play...and i laughed at the remaining snowman with a shrunken head. haha. fun times!

Nicole said...

How fun! I am glad you got a snow day, they are so fun! Great snowman too! Wow, Texas is great, it has the best of each season it seems!

Becky said...

what a fun little day! Love your use of legos.

Kam Belly Soup said...

im seriously laughing at the last photo. looks like fun. i do love how quiet it is when its snowing.

Saunja said...

That's what it looks like here today, also! Love your lego snowman face.

Jean said...

I never would have guessed on snow in Texas!!! I'm glad you guys thoroughly enjoyed it!

Erica said...

Crazy, but so much fun! Oh, and happy birthday LUCY!!

Suman Family said...

haha! rad snowman. i really don't think i miss the snow at all though. at least it doesn't happen often there!