Family Man

I just said to Casey, do you have ever have days when you wake up and literally can't remember what day it is?

Casey: I have days when I wake up and have to remember what my life is.


So, in case you forget about life tomorrow morning, here's a reminder....
I guess we all like to have our mouths open.

Of course if you can't remember what your life is, you're not going to remember 88 miles per hour hyphen willard dot blogspot. But here's to hoping!


lyndsey said...

last night we saw the back to the future clip of 88mph and it made me laugh & think of you. i will never forget your url :) and i hope casey doesn't forget his life.

Nicole said...

Whoa Casey...deep! Cute pictures!!

Jean said...

Hahaha! He's deeeeep. One time, my boss asked me, completely sincerely, "How much of this do you think is real?" Meaning, life. Haha! What a weirdo.