I love the weather!

The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous. Mid-70s and no humidity. In fact, this morning I kept slathering on lotion and couldn't figure out why. It's DRY outside. I guess I've become acclimated to the Austin weather (though it's totally mild compared to Florida and other parts of the South).

So, with our gorgeous weather we've been going to the park as much as possible.
And on this particular day, the kids wanted to gather "berries". I have no idea what these fruits are but they were like mini-plums. Really cute and a gorgeous color but who knows if they're poisonous! Aren't I a great mom. At least no one ate any.
Owen was quick picker, gathering as many berries as he could. Lucy was a bit slower, inspecting each one for quality. But then she started getting annoyed that Owen had more in his bucket. So I told her to pick up the pace (she likes a good race). Eventually they both had overflowing buckets. Of course they wanted to bring them home to show Dad but I drew the line somewhere. Berries stay at the park.
Too bad you can't eat these. I'm sure they'd make a lovely berry pie. Hooray for fall!


Courtney said...

I'm loving the weather, too! And Lucy's sassy haircut! :-)

Nicole said...

I am glad you are getting beautiful Fall weather! Those berries do look good enough to eat!

Becky said...

okay, now you have me curious about those berries -- they look gorgeous.

Kam Belly Soup said...

dont worry about drawing the line. i have to draw the same one every time we leave the beach. "honey not all the shells are special to you"

shelly said...

I just saw some of those same, uh, fruits? at the park the other day and wondered about them. They do look very tasty. I wonder what they are?