Field Trip Day

Tuesday was a fun-filled day. First we went to Lucy's school for Parent Ed class, then left early so we could head over to Travel Town to meet up with the girlfriends and the other kids. Travel town is near the LA Zoo and Griffith Park and there are a bunch of old trains parked which the kids can look at and climb on.
One of the trains was open on the inside so we let the kids climb aboard and they spent 15 minutes playing peek-a-boo in these funny little cubby holes:
Here are Lucy and Chloe and Hannah and Sammy:
Most of all though, Lucy had the most fun picking up rocks and putting them down. She does the same thing when we go to the park, only with the wood chips. If there are chips on the steps, she'll methodically remove each one before stepping on. Oh Lucy, you're gonna be cleaning those steps all day!
There's also a little train that goes around the park so we all took a ride. It was fun! Perfect for the kids. It went around twice and we all got our fill.
After Travel Town, Doris, Shannon, and I disregarded our children's tired faces and headed to In-N-Out for lunch. The kids weren't too bad though and we ate yummy burgers and fries. AND, Lucy stayed awake for the whole ride home so I was able to put her down for a decent nap. Woohoo!

For our night-time field trip, we went to Kidspace, a Kid's museum in Pasadena. Your normally need a membership to get in, but the 1st Tues of every month is Free Night. So we checked it out. Lucy loved it! The first room was perfect for her age. Lots of things to climb on, a fun slide, books, and other little kids. The second picture was in the "older" room. There was this cool climbing tower that looked like something from The Fly or The Abyss. Lucy climbed it for a bit, but got scared since she couldn't figure out how to get down. It just kept going and going and she wasn't sure if she should climb up or down:
In the first room, there was some fun rainbow fabric draped over the slide. Lucy loved climbing up and playing in the sheer fabric:
And she really enjoyed the Exit hallway. It was so cute and creative and looked like a night-club for kids. There were tons of colors, mirrors, and lights on the walls. Lucy touched everything on the wall:
And we took a weird picture
Fun field trip day! We'll have do more LA exploring next week!


the bates motel said...

fun field trips! those places looked great! lucy is getting so big! too cute! check my blog you've been tagged. (dorky i know)

Connie said...

Hi Dana! I found your link on Jeff and Nicole's blog. I dont know if you remember me, but I'm Casey's cousin on the Willard side- we met at Thanksgiving. I love Lucy's little hair clips! I was wondering if you guys are coming to Thanksgiving this year. If you are, could you please bring some of those hair clips? I'd love to buy some! You have got talent, girl! Your blog is adorable. Let me know if you can bring some clips or I will just buy them online instead. Thanks!

Suman Family said...

Hi! Looks like you had a fun filled day. I can't wait until Ava starts walking so we can start doing fun outings like those. We should get together too and do something. I love all the pics. Lucy is so cute. Hopefully we'll see you soon.

Heather said...

We love Travel Town and we live for KidSpace!!! Hooray! Looks like a fun day (minus the shiner, of course!)

How are you feeling?

Darci said...

That looks like so much fun. I wish I had know about that place before we moved.

Nicole Willard said...

What a fun place. We love exploring and finding new places to see and do too. Lucy looks like she is loving it. At this age they get so curious, fun and love to explore. I find they like to be entertained a lot more. not to mention myself. I get stir crazy staying in on the days I don't have to work so we head out as much as possible.

Brittany said...

Did you do all that in one day? That sounds exhausting!! I'm worn out just looking at the pictures. Or maybe it's the huge pile of clean laundry on my floor that I need to fold and put away.