He just seems like a nice guy

I meant to add this to the film talk posting below.

On Saturday night when we saw Dan in Real Life I had a fun run-in at the Paseo Theaters in Pasadena. I was hurrying down the hall to use the bathroom and a very tall gentleman was hurrying towards me to get to his movie. No one else was around us. I looked at him once, I did a double-take, and as he got closer we both smiled at each other. I said, "hello". He kindly peered down at me, flashed his friendly smile and in his very low voice replied, "hello there." And we both kept walking in different directions. Yep. It was him. It was President David Palmer! And he just seemed like a real nice guy. It was as if he would have said hi regardless of being an actor or knowing I was a 24 groupie who loved his presidency. Once I got to the bathroom I thought, "oh, I should have nodded my head quickly when passing him and just said, 'Mr. President'." But I'm sure he gets silly comments often enough.

So yea! for Dennis Haysbert. Yea! for Allstate commercials that have kept him employed. And yea! for a new sesaon of 24 in January that actually looks kind of interesting (from the trailer).

And since it's been a while, perhaps an old 24 poem is in order. (For those of you scratching your heads....a few seasons back, some of us 24 watchers started rehashing the previous night's episode by composing poetry for each other and expressing our sentiments...or frustrations. This was my Old Danny Boy tribute to president Palmer when he was killed. Not the finest, but seems appropriate. Funny thing is....I can't even remember who Joe Prado is now.)

An Irish Ode...to a Tall Black Man
Oh Palmer boy, the Presidency, the Presidency is calling.
From gully to vale and straight o'er to the West Siiiiide.
The old Pres is gone, and the new one is sucking.
'Tis you, 'tis you who left and made us bide.
But come ye back! when warheads are gone from the meadow.
Or when CTU's hushed and Joe Prado's let go.
If only to save Jack from interrogation in the shadow,
Oh Palmer boy, Oh Palmer boy.....we love you so.


the bates motel said...

how fun to see him! i love palm dawg!

Heather said...

Hooray for celebrity sightings! We really loved him, too, and were so happy when he got the AllState gig.

Sara said...

That is so awesome! A perk of living in LA

Mark said...

I miss the 24 poetry. Let's bring it back. Here was Bryan's poem after Edgar died in season 5.

"Edgar! Edgar!
Now you're free...
...to pursue a career,
on the WB."

Nicole Willard said...

Love the poem!
So cool that you saw Pres. Palmer. I loved him & miss him!!!

Suman Family said...

good sighting! i always wonder if i would realize who the famous person was if i ran into them on the street or if i would just be oblivious. at places like sundance you're looking for them. also, it's funny that he was just at the movies like a "normal" person. it's funny that actors go see regular movies.

Brad & Shanell Farr said...

That is so awesome! I love President Palmer!