Halloween Fruit

Happy Halloween to everyone! We're a couple days late getting our pictures up, but here they are. Halloween morning we stopped by Casey's work and let our little Strawberry run around the office. She was in good spirits that day, so we stuffed her full and she was finally a plump little berry:
And here's a 10 second video of our Strawberry in action at the office:

She was a hit and everybody loved her. Little seeds kept falling off her berry throughout the day, but overall, the costume was a success.

We then drove down to Orange County and spent Halloween night Trick-or-Treating with my nephew Jeremy. Lucy had a fun time going around to the houses. She had no idea what was going on, but she loved running around with the other kids and she ate all sorts of candy, with their wrappers on. If only we all enjoyed wrapped up candy that much! Lucy actually walked up the walkway to one house, plunged her hands in the bowl, and grabbed just what I love best...Almond Joy! So we had a successful evening.
Here are the costumes. Jeremy was Obi-won. And Meredith had her own party to go to, dressed as...Waldo! (she had a matching hat to go with it):
Jeremy carved his first pumpkin and so we all took creepy pictures with it. Here are Camille, Jeremy, and I spooking it out in a daaaark room:
The next day we hung out at my parent's house with Mark, Sara, and Makenna (who are in town for a job interview) and Laura and Ava. Sadly (and stupidly) however, I didn't get any pictures of Lucy with Makenna! Lame. But here are some wagon-riding pics. Jeremy loved pulling Ava and Lucy around.
They looked so cute sitting in the red wagon together:
And we may have Lucy's Halloween costume all set for next year.....Bono?
I love the second pic because it looks like she has no nose. She loved wearing these glasses around the house.
Lucy has definitely grown-up in a year's time. Here's the ensemble from last year. We were "Back to School Night". Lucy couldn't even stand up in her Crayon costume. It was nice to have her walking around this year. Her little bare strawberry legs were so cute.
And lastly, we leave you with The Dancing Pencil:


Nicole Willard said...

There is nothin' cuter than that little strawberry!!! So cute!! Sounds like she had a blast. I wish I liked the wrappers on my candy.

You know, I would really like to see a longer clip of the dancing pencil. That is hilarious!!!

Heather said...

I LOVE the strawberry costume! That's so cute! We should have gotten the kids together, we would have been a great add for "eat your fruits and vegetables today!" Who could resist such yummy produce?

lettieb said...

That strawberry costume is quite cute and very clever. I also like the costume from last year, but there is just something that disturbs me about Casey's hat...I don't know what and really don't want to think about it too much. I also love you dancing as a pencil.

Darci said...

I agree with all the other comments, Love the Strawberry1 I also love last years costumes. What a great idea. Your videos are so fun.

dietcokegrrl said...

Darling strawberry costume--but last year's are DEFINITELY hilarious!!!

And I can't stop giggling over the dancing pencil--truly priceless!

Brittany said...

Yeah, I must say I love the dancing pencil as well. But that strawberry certainly is very very cute.