Owen Appleseed

My kids are not the best eaters. So when Owen asked for an apple, I more than obliged...I sat there and documented the wonderful moment too.
The TV was a good distraction. He just kept him chomping away.
What a goofball. This kid is definitely the silly one of the family.


Lexie & Sharrid said...

Awesome! My kids love fruit...including apples. Sometimes they don't finish the whole thing but if they ask for it and eat as much as they can, I'm happy. I peel them for them too because they are just easier to eat without the nasty skin on them:)

Jean said...

Way to document! Now you can show him photographic evidence that YES, he DOES like apples.

I'm always amazed when Weston voluntarily eats a large amount of something healthy, like an apple or banana. It is definitely a photo-worthy moment!

Linsey said...

Cutie pie!

Katie Evans Photography said...

Hahaha. That is exactly how I feel about Maddie and Lyndon. When I see that they're finally eating something nutritious, on their own accord, I rejoice.
Every once in a while we find apple cores in bed with Lyndon because he will sneak downstairs and get himself an apple when he's supposed to be asleep. It makes me happy. :)