Well, the sun came out this morning and mr. snowman looked like this. I like how his body morphed into a nose.
And when we got back from church, he was just an eyeball.
Bye bye Frosty!
And then Lucy's hair did this.
For a place that is so humid in the summer, it's amazing how dry it feels in the winter. I'm slathering the lotion on like crazy!

Later in the day we got ready for our little Superbowl party.
Casey was wearing green.
And I happened to put on yellow. So, um....go Packers!
(Lucy was getting artistic with her photos).
We had a few friends over to watch the game and it was super fun! Good food, happy kids, fun conversation, oh, and lots of football watching.


Sassy Polka Dot said...

haha cute picture of Lucy :) Wow! I'm your FIRST comment?!?! Dang! :) haha well the snowman was fun while it lasted, :)

Camille said...

lol! Awesome picture of Lucy! And so funny about the melted snowman. : )

Becky said...

Poor snowman, to suffer the same demise as the wicked witch of the west... Just loving Lucy's pictures -- can't believe you let her handle the SLR?! Katie uses my nice point and shoot sometimes, but the SLR, well that's just my third baby!

Jean said...

AHH!! I love the hair picture!! Hahaha!

scarves said...

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