Fancy Sky

Our Valentine's day ended with a spectacular pink sunset. Mother Nature was celebrating the red and pink day along with us.
Then driving home from the park today we saw another sunset--not quite as rich and gorgeous as the one above--but still filled with pretty pinks and blues. I pointed it out to Lucy and we had this quick exchange....

L: Wow mom! The sky is almost.....fancy!
Me: (chuckling), you're right! It is fancy!
L: No, I said almost
Me: Oh. Almost. Well....then what would a real fancy sky look like?
L: Um, there would be white and pink and some orange and yellow and blue. No green though.
Me: Yep. That would be a very fancy sky.

I love Lucy.


Kate said...

tonight is supposed to be a pretty fantastic night for the northern lights...I'm going to try my darndest to photograph the phenomenon. THAT is a fancy sky that Luce just might approve of

La La Land said...

Oh how I love her "fancy sky" image! I can just see it!

Jean said...

LOL!!!! Yes, there is a fine difference between "fancy" and "almost fancy."

Beautiful sky!!

Kam Belly Soup said...

very beautiful. i cant believe your weather lately!

theleguis said...

I love how kids are so intense about what they say. if you misinterepret them they will set you straight! what a cutie.