Yesterday we got our one day of snow for the year!
Well, it was more like 6 hours but it was enough to bundle the kids up and play outside till they were too cold and wet.
The best snow gathered on the trampoline. So Casey climbed up (decked out in full ski gear) to gather it in a bucket.
And Lucy bounced around him.

Owen was short-lived and wanted to go inside after 5 minutes.
So he watched the rest of the festivities from behind the glass--and so did I.
Casey and Lucy brought a few buckets of snow over to the back porch and started building a snowman.
Ta da. One funny bucket-head looking snowman, sporting a Grateful Dead hat.
It'll do.
Then we had hot chocolate and toast.
Owen in his odds-and-ends "warm" outfit.
The kids examined Lucy's Frosty the Snowman picture to see if Casey's snowman looked similar.
Pretty close. They both have pipecleaner arms!
And now the gear will go back in the garage till next year.


Sara said...

Coolest snowman ever! I am impressed that you could make a snowman out of so little snow! What fun to experience it one day a year... Texas is looking better and better!

Jenny said...

My best friend and I used to jump on her trampoline in mid winter. Chicago, freezing temps, snow falling, and us in our turtlenecks and leggings (no coats, hats, or scarves), jumping away. It was the best!

Jean said...

Yay snow!!! I LOVE Lucy's coat. And I love the Deadhead snowman. Awesome.

Sassy Polka Dot said...

Fun fun! I'm impressed that they made a snowman out of so little snow! Props to Casey and Lucy! :) Fun fun :)

Camille said...

Seriously how fun! Love all of your pics especially Owen's sweet little eyes and nose looking out the window. Casey's snowman was great. I can practically hear his comments as he's making it. :)