Busy Weeks

We're coming down to the wire. Only a couple weeks left till our Christmas baby arrives! I haven't blogged in weeks. I've had much to write about, but too many sewing projects taking up my free time. So here we go, I'll try to keep it brief but informative, since so much has happened.

We had planned to stay in town for Thanksgiving weekend and have our own little dinner, just the three of us. Both our families were headed out of state and my doctor thought it wise for me to stay put, just in case. But life is funny. And instead, we spent the last two weekends traveling by car and plane to our grandparents funerals. Casey's grandpa, Earl Willard, passed away a couple weeks ago of old age. Here he is last year at Thanksgiving:
He was 94 and lived a good long and happy life. It was really amazing to see all the posterity in the room that came from him and Casey's grandmother. A rewarding treat to witness. The funeral was in St. George, where his grandparents have been living for years. So we jumped in our car Thanksgiving morning and made the 5 1/2 hour drive. We arrived just in time for the turkey meal. It's quite a reunion every year when all the Willards come together, since there are 7 brothers and 1 sister and each has a slew of kids of grandkids.
Here are Parry and 4 of his brothers, slicing up the 5 turkeys that were cooked over night in the pit at Uncle Bob's house.
Parry (Casey's dad) and his younger brother Bob (on the right).
Bob has a special octagonal-shaped room built on to his house for Thanksgiving gatherings. It's perfect and fits everyone (though we're pretty packed in there).
Lucy had fun playing with the other kids, with the hit of the weekend being....the marble rack. Here she is with Drew, cousin Ryan and Holly's little boy.
And she immediately liked Uncle Brady (all kids do). She wanted to copy him and laid down on the floor next to him.
Here's Aunt Lauren with cousin Jennie's baby. She was so sweet to spend so much time helping out, feeding her and holding her. I'm sure Jennie enjoyed the break. (no Lauren does not have a second head. That's just Kent)
Casey's parents hooked us up with the best place to stay for the weekend. Friends in their Simi Valley ward have a 2nd home in St. George, fully furnished and decorated and said they could stay there whenever they wanted. So we all jumped on that! There were 4 bedrooms, we had a king size bed, and Lucy even got her own room. It was like a huge hotel suite! Here we are hanging out in the house. Lucy had crazy static hair.
Casey and Linda (Casey's mom) tried to get Lucy to say "hello?"
Aunt Nicole and Lucy. Lucy had fun playing with her cousins Jacqueline and Jillian. We're glad Jeff and Nicole made it down for the eventful weekend!
Friday was the funeral service for Grandpa Willard. Though it was an emotional day for many, it was happy to know that he lived a great life. And he actually died in his sleep...fell asleep one night and never woke up. Sounds like a pleasant way to go. Here's a picture of Grandpa Willard when he was young and dapper. Good looking guy!
Since all the family was there, I took the opportunity to snap photos of all Casey's Uncles and Aunts. Here there are:
Brother, Uncle Sherm and wife, Aunt Donna / Wife, Aunt Hazel and brother, Uncle Paul
Wife, Aunt Penny and brother, Uncle Randy / Brother Uncle Kevin and wife, Aunt Vickie
(from left to right) Uncle Robert and Sister, Aunt Teresa / Aunt Mary and Brother, Uncle Cal / Aunt Karen and Brother, Uncle Bob.
And a cute shot of Lucy with the other Grandpa and Grandma Willard (Casey's parents).
Casey and Lucy with his Grandma, Ruth (who survives her husband at 92 years old). Lucy was not in the best mood. But Grandma Willard looked cute.
The service at the church was beautiful and full of great stories. When we drove to the grave-site, however, a strange dust storm started up and it was freezing outside. So we didn't stay there very long. Here's a shot of the brothers as pall-bearers.

And all the cold family, being blown away.
We all went back to Uncle Bob's house after for a nice dinner and then Casey and I got on the road. It was a very quick 2-day trip. But I'm so glad we were able to be there with all the family to celebrate Earl Willard's life. I know Casey was happy we didn't miss it as well.


Nicole Willard said...

This was a great post. You got some great pictures of everyone and it was so great that you were able to come. You guys have had an eventful past couple weekends and it is just going to get even more eventful real soon!!

the bates motel said...

i feel well informed of your st. george trip. it was fun to see you guys here in az! can't believe the count down is on for baby boy willard! glad to see you back in the bloggin world!

Suman Family said...

Grandpa Willard is so cute. I am glad that you guys got to go. Their Thanksgiving looks just as crazy as ours!

dietcokegrrl said...

I'm glad you guys were able to go and celebrate the life of Casey's grandpa.

And the Thanskgiving dinner looks like it was so much fun--I love big family get-togethers!