A few of my favorite things

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year. It kind of sneaked up on us this year, since we've been focusing on a new baby. But I love all the music, the lights, the cookies, the red, the family get-togethers, and the festive mood.
And just for fun...here are a few of my favorite things during the Christmas season. Some are new things I've discovered. Some are old stand-bys.

* Treats!
Of course I love homemade sugar cookies with yummy frosting. But I discovered a new cookie you've got to try: Trader Joes Candy Cane Joe-Joes. YUM!!!
They're like Oreos, but they have little bits of Candy Cane in the frosting. Keep them in a ziplock bag or they'll get soft. And try them cold from the fridge! (Trader Joes makes joe-joes in other flavors all year long)

* Movies
On my All Time Top Ten List is It's a Wonderful Life.
No matter how many times I see it, I laugh at Jimmy Stewart's funny acting and get a little choked up near the end when he humbly pleads for help to fix his life. Truly a great movie.

Another movie I watch every year (usually with other females) is White Christmas.
The acting is silly, the songs are fun, and well....you would never see two guys doing an act like that today. We usually fast-forward through a few dance numbers if my dad is watching with us. If you've never seen it, you really must watch it once.

And a new addition to our Christmas movie repertoire is A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart.
I know many versions of this movie have been made. But Casey discovered this one a few years ago and we really love it. The production value is high and the acting/sets are very authentic. Of course, Patrick Stewart is what makes it so great. Just look at that face. It airs tonight, 12/21 on local channels. Check it out!

* Music
It's been years since I've attended a Messiah Sing-Along. But they are fabulous. If you aren't able to attend one, you can still listen to the music! It's tradition every Christmas Eve that my family and friends sing the Hallelujah Chorus (along to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD). It's much fun!

* Lights
I love the house decorated inside and out with lights. This year, we were simple with our decorations. And we have the smallest tree in history. It's actually a tree I kept on my desk at work each year. But it sure looks cute on our fireplace mantel. It doesn't take much to make the house feel more festive.

* Snow (California style)

At the Grove in Hollywood, they make it snow several times each night! We took Lucy last year and it was really beautiful. We haven't gone there this year, but I know she would love it even more now. They also make it snow at Disneyland on Main street. It's so much fun when it lasts for just a 1/2 hour! (instead of 4 months)

* Kids playing with toys

Christmas was so fun as a kid, hardly sleeping the night before and opening gifts that morning. And now we get to live it all again with our own kids! Lucy's still a little young to understand. But it's really cute to see her playing with toys. This is a cute little gift we got from my co-workers when Owen was born:
Of course Lucy had more fun playing with the little red wagon than Owen did. We opened it yesterday and she pulled the wagon around the house all morning and night:

* Green and Red
Someone at Casey's work made this adorable green hat for Owen. I love the color. And it'll work great for our Christmas (or New Years) card picture:

* Family and Friends
I love this picture of my parents with the grandkids (3 of the 9):
I look forward to spending Christmas Eve and Day with Casey's family and hanging out with my family later in the week.

We hope you're all enjoying your favorite things this time of year!
Merry Christmas!


Connie said...

Cute post, Dana! Those cookies look so yummy! I'll have to get some. I thought we had the smallest tree (3 ft.)! This year our home teachers felt so bad for us and our sad little tree that they actually got us a big one! It's beautiful, but a lot harder to keep the kids away from it! Hope you have a great Christmas!

Anne said...

I love all your faves... how fun! Cute pics too! :)

Nicole Willard said...

Fun post Dana!! I loved reading your favorite things. You love so much and enjoy so many wonderful things. I agree with it all. Owen looks so cute in his green beanie. Can't wait to get my hands on that little guy!

We will miss you over Christmas since we won't be there, but have a very Merry Christmas, we will talk to you I am sure tomorrow! Luv you guys!

Southwick Family said...

Hi Dana... I love your blog! thanks for getting me in the christmas spirit... I wish "Its a Wonderful Life" played in Singapore!

lettieb said...

I love Christmas traditions. I also always have to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" and most years I get "White Christmas" in too. I've never even heard of that version of "A Christmas Carol." I guess I will have to check it out. Thanks for posting about the cookies too. Incidentally Nate's sister in law sent his parents a box for Christmas, so I got to try them. I was excited because you had said they were so yummy. You were right! :)

The Miller Family: said...

i love joe joes. too bad trader joes is non existant in utah. but something we have and you dont.....79 cent burritos from del taco.