A week at Gram's House

We have been so blessed to have both of our families living near by. Linda, Casey's mom, took Lucy for us for almost 5 days when Owen was born. She loves playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house and gets the best undivided attention (not to mention the great selection of books and toy cars to play with.) Thank you Linda!

Then last Tuesday we came down to my mom's house for a week to recuperate and have some extra help with the kids. Casey's been really busy at work (everyone needs stuff before the Holiday break) so it was nice to get out of our small apartment, hang out with the family, and have fresh toys (and extra space) for Lucy to play with. And since her cousin Jeremy lives here too...she is in heaven! They keep each other entertained. And my mom was a big help, taking Owen in the mornings for me when she was up (at 5am):
Lucy has been an angel all week and has been SO great about having a "baby" around. I'm not sure she understands that it's our baby. But mostly she just points at him, smiles and says "baby!" or just "B!" (too bad we didn't give him a name that starts with a B). One day I laid Owen on the couch (on his stomach...don't tell my doctor) and I walked out of the room for a minute (don't tell my dr. that either). When I came back in, Lucy had placed all of her toys next to Owen and stuck a little Teddy Bear on his back. It was so adorable! I think she was trying to share with him:
Casey came down and joined us Friday night through Sunday. My mom and Dad watched all the grandkids Saturday night and all the young couples went to Chipotle and to see the movie I Am Legend (so good and scary. I was on edge the whole time).

On Sunday we celebrated Ava's first birthday. Laura and Eric decorated the dinner table in pink and white with little bowls of cheerios and pink m&ms. Here's the little birthday girl actually drinking her bottle. Laura must be happy. It will be fun over the years, because now Ava and Owen share the same birthday...12/7)
And here's the cake Eric made. They wanted it to be her favorite thing....so they made a giant Cheerio on a big silver spoon:
We put pants on Owen for the first time (it's just so much easier at that age/size to keep them in gowns). The pants were so tiny!
And everyone thought he looked like a boxer in his warm-up gear. Little Rocky? Funny:
I was worried that when we got back to our apartment, Lucy would be a little more jealous of Owen and would wonder why the baby was still with us. But so far, she continues to be great. She again tried to share her toys with him and put some blocks in his swing. I just need to make sure it doesn't get more agressive than that and teach her to be "gentle".
Here's a little video of Lucy sharing with Owen:

And Lucy's favorite word right now is "hat". Whether it's the lid on the milk carton, a toy on your head, or an actual hat....if it seems like a hat, it's a hat!
Here she is with a bowl hat. It makes me laugh:


the bates motel said...

cute post d! glad your fam is taking good care of you guys and that things are going good back in your place. owen is a doll and he looks so cute in his "rocky" outfit. and i love the pic of lucy putting all the toys around him :)! that is so cute. i always just love watching carter and savanna interact w/ eachother and hope that they will be such good friends.

Nicole Willard said...

Cute post! Lucy looks so cute being the Big sister. Jacqueline watched the video with me, heard Lucy say "baby" & said "Wow mom, Lucy said baby, she is a big girl now". Your little Rocky is a little 'stud'.

dietcokegrrl said...

The picture of Lucy sharing her toys is so sweet--I love it! I'm glad she is doing so well with a new baby around.

It's nice you were able to go to your mom's house and get some rest--YAY! And you actually got to go out and see a movie??! I'm jealous. I couldn't tell you the last movie I went to...I think it was Spiderman 3. How pathetic is that?

Darci said...

Welcome home! I hope you got lots of rest at your Moms. Lucy is one cute little girl. She is going to be agreat big sister.

Teressa said...

So cute! I didn't even know you had the baby until I read it on your blog a few minutes ago. Congrats! It seems like a few weeks ago that you were just posting the 4th month pregnancy pictures. I sure hope my time goes that fast! Merry Christmas and maybe we'll see you sometime soon :)