The rest of Thanksgiving Weekend

We got back from St. George late Friday night, so we still had the whole rest of our weekend left! Saturday morning we walked to Vons for donuts (a new favorite weekend activity) and then I went downtown to Santee Alley to find a cute purse knock-off. Most of the purses I saw were cute, but still about $35-40 and they didn't have any cup or bottle holders (a necessity) on the outside. I walked around for 45 min, then went in one last shop, saw this fake D&G bag, WITH two outside pockets, and so....I bought it for only $20! woohoo. I told Casey it would be my birthday present. Here I am last Sunday using the new bag. And hey, you all wanted to see a good pregnant shot, right?
The other picture is my other birthday present. Casey and I have birthdays a week apart from each other. His is Nov 20th and I'm on the 26th. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of Casey with his birthday presents - spending the weekend playing his new video game (which actually doesn't work right. lame) OR trying to solve his Rubick's Cube. But I can show all the hard work he put in putting doors on my bookshelves (that was the present). I'm trying to get our house a little more organized before the baby comes. I've been wanting doors for our Billy bookcases (Ikea). Normally it's $60 for a set of doors. But we went there Saturday night and they were on sale for $10 each! So I we bought doors for our other bookshelf too. Woohoo!

And since we weren't planning to travel for Thanksgiving, I had already purchased a 12 lb turkey (that's the smallest you can find). It sat in our fridge for a week and on Sunday I roasted it up. We still had our own little turkey dinner. It all turned out yummy and we had all the fixings. Surprisingly, Casey's favorite were the sweet potatoes. I did half with marshmallows and half without. Both were yummy. You can see our messy kitchen/sewing room here (which is why I never have the missionaries over for dinner - I never want to clean off my table!). So I had Casey set up two TV trays, for our proper dinner. We felt like poor college students.
After dinner, we headed to Griffith Park for the Festival of Lights, put on by the LA DWP each year. Normally you can only drive through, but this year it was open to pedestrians only for the first week. We had so much fun and Lucy loved it! This light tunnel was the best.
There were all sorts of light fixtures made to look like LA landmarks: The Hollywood Bowl, LAX airport, City Hall. Very creative. And they had nice music playing along the way.
It was a fun fun weekend. We packed a lot in there. And it didn't stop....since Monday morning, Lucy and I headed down to my mom's house to celebrate my birthday and go out to lunch...but I'll write about the following week in my next post. And I'll end with a picture of Lucy eating a PB&J, sitting on her favorite trike. She can't reach the pedals yet.


Suman Family said...

That little festival of lights looks fun and nice turkey dinner. That is a big endeavor, a 12 lb turkey! Wow. By the way, we might be heading up to The Grove tomorrow night if you guys are interested...

lettieb said...

Wow, those lights look cool. You are so cute pregnant. I am very jealous.

Tim & Jean said...

Happy Birthday Dana and Casey!!! YAAAAAAAAAY!!!

And who knew about this Festival of Lights?! Awesome! I have to go. :-)

dietcokegrrl said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of you!! LOVE the bag (great deal) and the cute preggo belly!

I've always wanted to do the Festival of Lights, but traffic always seemed like such a nightmare. Since you can now walk through maybe we'll check it out!