last days

Hello friends and family! We are alive and living in Texas. We're still in a mess but things are starting to come together. More posting on that very soon! For now, some pictures of our last days in California. We were able to spend time with both families and we truly loved it.
Down at my parent's house....Owen followed Jeremy around the house and Jeremy was a good sport about it. He never seems annoyed to play with the little kids.
One of Meredith's favorite things when we're around is to get Owen up from his nap. On this particular day she and Jeremy were both asking if they could get him up. Of course!
It was real cute. They both walked him down the staircase. I'm sure he loved the attention.
Around the dinner table that night Eric and Meredith started a staring contest. It was all calm and serious,
until Mere pulled this face. I mean, seriously? She looks like a masked face out of Dick Tracy or maybe the Joker.
and then everyone had to try.
Eventually Eric and Jeremy started another staring contest. But when Jeremy snapped his eyelids, Eric got totally grossed out.
such a great Laughing Eric face.
We sang Happy Birthday to Camille. I love this pic. Beautiful Camille.
and we ate her favorite carrot cake. Ohhhh, so yummy. For my mom's delicious recipe, click here.
The kids got to spend time with Ava:
and baby Leah, both awake and asleep:
Camille and I spent a couple days working on an art project for each of our homes. We built wooden canvases and painted them (still a work in progress). Owen and Jer had great fun sitting on all the paint cans:
and the boys had fun sitting around chatting, while the girls cut wood with the Miter saw, used the power drills, and basically....acted like boys. It's a real treat to work on a project with Camille. She is such an artist and I learn something new from her each time. Thanks Camille!
We said goodbye to Mere, as she headed back up to BYU-Idaho. I'm sure she'll have a great year!
and we also hit up this awesome water park in Ladera Ranch.
There is a HUGE bucket that pounds water down every few minutes. Bryan tried to lay under it with his eyes opened and...didn't last very long.
Our kids would never brave the bucket (nor would I) but they went through the smaller waterfalls with Casey:
The water park had something for everyone. Jeremy loved the water guns and our kids loved wading in the shallow area.
Lucy with her binoculars:
Eric and Leah, Laura, Ava, and Camille:
Bryan, meditating before his big moment under the bucket.
Lucy could have stayed at this place for another two hours. She literally cried when we left.
Owen mostly sat on the chair with his towel. The little guy is funny. He has a new obsession with towels.
Glad we got to play here before leaving town. And glad we got to spend time with our family. We love you all and we'll surely miss you!
On our way back to the house we saw our friends Erik and Jenille, who live in Ladera Ranch, and their 5 week old baby Abella.
Looks like a mini-Jenille to me! Cute cute.
After the Suman days, we drove up to Simi Valley and spent our last days with Casey's parents. We went to the park one night to feed the ducks and the weather was just beautiful.
Though the geese looked beautiful,
they were mean creatures and scared the kids. I'm chalking Geese up next to Racoons on the list of "animals that cartoons have glamorized"
I mean sure, they are pretty.
But this would scare me too:
They were attacking Casey's shoe (which isn't all that bad. I would be more than happy to replace those things).
Owen however, wanted nothing to do it with it:
Sorry little buddy.

The great thing about taking Lucy to feed the ducks is that she gets a meal out of it too. One bite for the ducks, one bite for Lucy:
We love you Grandma and Grandpa!
We'll miss you tons and see you soon at Christmas time!


Suman Family said...

dana. finally. you are back. haha. you're such a good blogger - it was like a horrible blog drought without you. :) anyways, *love* all of the pics. you captured some great moments. haha. eric and i have been laughing at some for the last 20 minutes. anyways, i can't wait to hear more about austin but fun last days in california. ps - great pic of casey's parents. really.

dietcokegrrl said...


I've been having Dana blog withdrawls!! YAY for a new post!

So glad you were able to have so much fun with both families before you left. Great memories and great pictures.

Yes, geese are REALLY mean--my kids are totally freaked out by them every time we go to the Arboretum.

And seriously, what is that shirt Mere is wearing on the staircase?? SOOOO FUNNY! It made me laugh out loud.

Miss you lots!! Can't wait for the first blog about the new town and house.

Nicole said...

Fun last days! What great families you have on both sides. I love the picture of Parry & Linda, they look great! Great recap, sounds like such fun times with the fam.

dietcokegrrl said...

oh and I forgot to say, that waterpark is AWESOME! We should have gone there this summer (or last!). And I love the staring contest pics...so funny!

Kayli said...

Oh that picture of sad Owen is AMAZING and sad!! Cute little guy. Good to have you back!

Leslie said...

So I feel silly saying this.. I totally saw your daughter from afar leaving the water park....

I wanted to say Hi, but felt silly...

I mean how would I not recognize that suit... hahha... and most of my reason for not, was that Cade just puked down the front of me...

awkward.. just a little.

but I wanted to. I really did.

lyndsey said...

great pictures -- glad you got in some final family time. and wow, that picture of the lake by your in-laws is GORGEOUS.

devin said...

great owen pics. the crying one is great and hilarious and love his face in the picture with that balding man holding him ;)

Camille said...

Cute post and great pictures! Great staring contest pics and love the one of Eric and Jeremy laughing. It was so fun hanging out for those last few days. I'm glad we were able to make our projects. I can't wait to see how yours turns out. I know you have enough projects to work on right now at your house though. I haven't done any more on mine. It was fun working w/you too!! We make a good team. I'm sorry I was moving at half speed though. I know that made the day go longer than it should've. Cute pics of feeding the ducks. That's the sweetest pic of Owen crying! I would be scared too if I was his size. and you're right, haha...geese and raccoons are totally glorified in cartoons. Good call.

Good luck w/all your projects! Mom gave me the update on everything that you're doing. Sounds fun. I can't wait to see pics. BTW, I'm teaching that blog class tonight at Enrichment. Wish you were here!