I know you're probably sick of fire chat. I find it boring when it's on someone else's blog and I don't live near the fire. So just one last post to say that our world is orange. Every day it glows a little stronger and this morning was no exception. The bedroom wall at 8am:
and just so I don't sound entirely Six o'clock - TV hour doomsday, this makes me smile:
Owen adores babies. He's fascinated and wants to find out what they're doing. Here he is with baby Leah. He inched closer and closer....I thought he was going to kiss her. Sweet, sweet cousins.


Leslie said...

your crazy.. your still blogging and aren't there like moving trucks.. Your amazing! :)

and that famliar orange glow.. gives me the shivers.... be safe.

Camille said...

Wow, creepy orange color on your wall.

kristena marie said...

Sweet Owen. Jacob love babies too. So much that sometimes he drags a babydoll to bed. But don't tell anyone. ;)