Sunday Night - Rivery Park

For our fist sunday night outing last week, we tried out a local park (though we're not sure if it's pronounced "River-y" or "RIIIIvery". We'll ask around). Lucy got our her binoculars for a better view:

The kids both loved this modern "rope" bridge.
with one long beam down the middle, Owen slowly went back and forth. He did pretty well...

and, ouch.
I'm really starting to love the way Texas looks. So green in parts and very beautiful at dusk.
A successful outing to the park!
we live here.


lyndsey said...

yay! a new sunday park. looks like you guys are settling right in.

gunnfam said...

Yes you do, and the sooner you get a drawl the sooner you'll be a local! =)

Sara said...

Yeah for finding a new park, there are never too many of those!

Camille said...

I still can't believe that you live there! It still feels like you are on vacation. : ( But I'm glad that you are liking it and finding some fun things to do. Loved all the pics. Esp. the one of Lucy's face in the circle and the end pics of you and Lucy and Casey and Owen. So sweet. Your hair looks cute!