When we first announced our move to Texas, about five people said, "Oh, you have to go to Rudy's." So we did. And we're sold.
Devin, this post is partially for you.
Seriously. Rudy's. Is. So good. You pull up to the gas station:
and you find this treat inside. A huge texan bbq restaurant. Off in the distance you can see my mom and Casey ordering at the counter.
Since we were rookies, the guy at the counter showed us all the different meats, side dishes, desserts. Contrary to the Soup Nazi he made us feel right at home. From left to right we have Lean Brisket, Moist Brisket, and Turkey breast.
Basically, you buy the amount of meat you want (sold in increments of 1/4 pound) and they provide all the bread and condiments. Of course that creamed corn was way too amazing to pass up. At Rudy's everything is sinfully good; the moist being our favorite of the day:
With 24 bottled soda options to choose from, Casey found a rootbeer that was mighty fine.
Both the kids wanted swigs:
A rookie visit to Rudy's was a screaming success!
and we'd never seen so many cultural hall folding chairs outside of a cultural hall in our life:
We paused to wash our hands on the way out:
And then we said goodbye to our "best friend Gram" (as Lucy likes to say). Thank you for coming to visit us! We hope to see you in the future!


Nicole said...

Oooh, looks delicious! This reminds me of Joe's BBQ in Gilbert, AZ that we LOVED. Glad you found a fun place, can't wait to go when we come visit!

dietcokegrrl said...

While I'll have to pass on the brisket--it looks like a fun place with so much character! :)

Glad you are discovering new places and had you mom to help out.

Sherry Carpet said...

Rudy's! Love it. Glad to see you got there safely. You look like you're all having so much fun on your adventure.

Southwick Family said...

Dana! I just started catching up on blogs and I can't believe that y'all are in Texas! I can picture you guys in Austin... you make everything into a piece of art... including this move. Do you ever watch Friday Night Lights? It is one of my favorites, and I'm sure that I'll be thinking of you guys when I watch it now. Good luck with everything... and I can't wait to see pics of your home with your new couches. xoxo

sachia said...

Food looks great and your pictures tell the whole story! You guys are going to LOVE it there...just watch! :)

Sara said...

It has to be delicious if they have the confidence to post "worst bbq in texas" on their sign! Looks like a fun environment too!

lyndsey said...

mmmm...any place with good bbq is a good place in my book :) is it good enough to be your new tito's? [substitute brisket for tacos, of course.]

Jessica Law said...

Oh yes...I do recognize Rudy's and it's delish. In fact, it's down the street from my house!

I'm glad you found us here in Round Rock. We'd love to meet you and your family sometime. It does look like we live close by. What brought you out here to Texas and are you here to stay?

I absolutely love your blog and photography. Your family is beautiful. Feel free to email me at jlaw31@gmail.com and we'll hook up.

Can't wait to meet.

Kelly said...

Wow! That place looks amazing! r new house! You need to post pics of it! Like the front! Im sure you are loving it there! What a fun new chapter in your lifes! So happy for you guys!

jd said...

Hah! Cultural-hall chairs! love it. Texas BBQ and white sandwich bread... classic!

Saunja said...

Rudy's? We never ate there. Hmmm....
Our favorite is CHUY'S. Mexican Food. THE BEST.
How did we miss Rudy's? I don't know.

Your Best Friend Gram is sure cute :) She's your BFG!

Camille said...

That restaurant looks so fun! Mom told me what a cool experience it was. Isn't it so fun to go to a place that bucks the system? It's refreshing. It's sounds like it's yummy too. If we make it out there to visit we'll definitely have to go there.