donuts and artwork

Last Saturday morning was one of those Perfect Outing type of days. Most things went smoothly, we had fun, the weather was perfect, and hey, it started with donuts. It was destined to be perfect. There are two donut shops on the main road by our house so we stopped at the closest one: Daylight Donuts. Lucy knew hands-down that she was getting chocolate glazed with sprinkles (she always does). Cinderella got in on the action too.
Owen, however, stood at the display case for a good 5 minutes, carefully eye-ing each one of them.
Hope you picked a winner buddy! You look a little tired from all that browsing.
Verdict? He picked THE BEST donut in the shop! While Casey and I branched out to the more sophisticated bear claws and cinnamon twists we concluded that Daylight Donuts is only good at one thing: Glazed donuts (with or without sprinkles). Owen's Simpson's donut was amazingly soft, sugary, and yummy. Wow, I uh, never knew I was so into donuts. Huh. Maybe I am?
Casey thought we each needed a picture of ourselves, gorging on a huge bite.
Thus, the only photo of me from the day is with half a donut shoved in my mouth. Lovely.
And I always laugh when looking at picture of me next to a picture of Lucy because it only makes her look more porcelain. My skin has lived 32 years of ultra violet rays, adolescent acne, pregnancy sun spots. And hers is just.....pure. Isn't childhood bliss? A face like a doll and a huge donut to munch on.
Ahh. Totally satisfied. She should be since she ate 2 of those suckers. Impressive for a girl who eats like a bird.
Next on the agenda: Art In The Square.

The city we live in is truly charming. It has that small-town atmosphere yet we're close to Austin when you need it. And compared to other cities in the area, the downtown square is just adorable. Events are often held here and everyone comes down to enjoy the fun. There is a real sense of community here and we're really enjoying that.
The County Courthouse sits in the middle of the square (some of the buildings date back to the 1800s).
It's stately and gorgeous.
The four streets surrounding the courthouse are lined with quaint shops and restaurants. There's even a local Theater where me and some of the girls are going to see Annie on stage in a few weeks. Fun!
Today the streets were only open to foot-traffic with beautiful art exhibits up for display (and purchasing).
The kids had fun wandering around and playing tag at one point.
Lucy cast a few magic spells with her stick wand:
and we enjoyed some cool looking stuff. I'm sure I wasn't supposed to be taking pics. But I'll share their beauty with you anyway.
This guy's art was our favorite. Something that Casey and I both liked.
This being my favorite variation of his trees.
At the end of the exhibits there was a kids art area where they could create their own paintings. Hooray! A cool craft for my kids that I don't have to set-up or clean-up?! YES please!
I knew Lucy would get into it but I was surprised how much fun Owen had with it too. By the end his entire face was covered in paint.
He took it all pretty seriously. But he let Lucy drop-in for a brush stroke.
Very fun morning in The Square.
On our way home we drove through the charming neighborhoods surrounding the downtown. I hope you don't get sick of me posting pictures of houses (there's more to come in another post down the road). This house is currently on the market and oh....it is so cute and dreamy.
A peek inside. Love that old-fashioned architecture. Could use some slight updating and it would be gorgeous.
A porch! With a porch swing! And pillars.
And the cozy backyard with a built-in firepit.
Don't get me wrong....I love our little house. I'm so happy that we are where we are. It's the perfect fit for us right now. But it's okay to dream about the future right? Especially when in the past something like this would have been a $3million pipe dream. But here in Georgetown, it's a possibility! Maybe. Someday. For now I'll enjoy Today. Because it was a really really good one.


Nicole said...

What a charming town you live in. The house at the end, can you say DREAM HOUSE!! Oh it is beautiful from what you showed. Cute pictures of your fun day.

AmberDusick said...

Beautiful house! What *would* a house like that cost dare I ask? I wouldn't call that backyard "cozy" it looks HUGE and sprawling to me, well compared to the yards here in Los Angeles, lol. Lovely, I adore the house. Total dream house.

lyndsey said...

fun day! i'm totally a sprinkled-donut fan so nice work.

and your little town is SO cute! so charming and quaint, but like you said -- still close to a big city. my kind of place :) bring on more pictures!

La La Land said...

Awesome! Daylight Donuts used to be all over the place here. You are right...the raised glazed are the best. They have a good pumpkin donut in the fall.

And the house...amazing.

Jean said...

I read your post title and thought, "sounds like heaven to the Andersons!" Hahaha... but what a great time!! That picture of Lucy after her doughnut is AWESOME. Yay for a freebie art activity for the kids!!

jd said...

I loooove that bike painting. And I would like a doughnut, please. RIGHT. NOW.

Sara Suman said...

Those donuts look amazing. If only we had a donut shop nearby, I'd be running out there right now!
What a fun day! And I will never get tired of seeing the houses of Georgetown. That one is gorgeous! I love it!

dietcokegrrl said...


LOVE to see all the pics of your cute little town--so much character! And yay for free art activities!

Saunja said...

Those donuts look DELICIOUS. Adorable pictures of the kids with their yummy goodies. Love the one of Owen with his face on the glass browsing and also the last donut picture of Lucy, all satisfied.

Becky said...

I just keep hearing Homer Simpson's voice saying "Do-nuts."

Love, love that house. Song and I always talk about a front porch -- we'd love a wrap-around.

jade said...

okay woman! like i have more time for yet ANOTHER blog to read. alas, i have bookmarked yours and will be following your adventures here as well. so glad you are loving your new town. it is charming!

Visible Voice said...

I want some donuts, I want to paint and I want to move into that house right now. Loves!

Jessica said...

You are turning into a world-class photographer! All of your photos are amazing!!