you all everybody!

Just when Owen's hair started to get a bit DriveShaft/Noel Gallagher-esque (and in a kind of good way)...I decided we should probably cut it.
I'm getting a little better each time at trimming his hair.
But I never really love it till a few weeks down the road.
Once I can spike it up just a bit, it's perfect.
This little guy is really growing up. I was just thinking back to last Halloween and realized, he couldn't even WALK then! What?? Now he's on the verge of turning two and has the opinion to go with it. He's still such a cuddler and a goofball. I really love it when he sits on my lap, gives me a cheesy grin and then comes in for a kiss (which is a slow lunge for my mouth/nose and no other movement. He just sits there with his face right next to mine and then busts up laughing. Let's hope he improves that in the next 16 years.) Cute little Owen. I never tire of that smile.


Nicole said...

I can't believe he is almost TWO!!! I is sure a handsome little dude! LOVE the new cute & spike, very cool!

lyndsey said...

aww we love little owen. good job on the haircut! although i do quite like the driveshaft look :)

Lindsay RC Wilson said...

The title of you post alone made my day...and the cutie with the 'do. Thanks!

Sara Suman said...

He is so cute! In a lot of his pics, he looks like a younger version of Dane to me. The new haircut is adorable.

dietcokegrrl said...

I totally needed an Owen fix! So adorable!

Funny story. The kids were watching TV and there was a little blond boy on it and they both jumped up and yelled "mom, it's Owen!! Where's Lucy?" So cute!

We miss you guys!

Saunja said...

He is so incredibly adorable.