Fall stills

Fall has been here for a month but now it really feels like it. I'm relieved to know that there is a colder season in Texas! So with cooler temps in the air, here is my ode to the season. Here's what we've been "harvesting":

Pumpkins (still waiting to be carved); One for Lucy, one for Owen. When we picked these out at the store Lucy was on the verge of tears because she said now we have to find hanging pumpkins so we can get treats! and I had no idea what she was talking about. I finally just said, okay let's go in the store and see (hoping it would jump out at me). And finally, it did! After buying real pumpkins, she also needed a plastic jack-o-lantern pumpkin to put her Trick-or-Treats in! Ah. So we picked up two of those also. The moment we got home from the store she grabbed that hanging pumpkin, ran out the front door and headed to the neighbor's house. Come on mom! Let's get treats! I heard as she ran off. I quickly explained to her that we had to wait a week and then I let her trick-or-treat at our house a couple times. Oh she's gonna love the holiday this year!
Close-toed shoes. Nothing new but it's cool enough to wear them. Yay!
Acorns. Gathered at the park the other day. Destined to be a craft.
Fall Felts. Same as the above. Such pretty colors.
Riding Boots for Lucy. Found at Target. Cute with a dress.
Crust-less pumpkin pie. So that I don't feel as bad about eating it for every meal?
Deliciousness. But yea, I missed the crust.
Brach's. The only way to go for Candy Corns.
Festive ice cream flavors. Cinnamon Vanilla Pecan. Sadly for the non-Texans, it's a local H.E.B. grocery store thing. I loved every bite.
Halloween art. I admit: I don't often craft with the kids. I hate the mess. I hate the prep time. I admire those of you that do it. But on a rainy day, we did it and it was fun! (for me and Lucy mostly). More info about the Halloween Garland on MADE.
What a wonderful season of color and scents. We hope you're loving yours too. Embrace the orange! Christmas red will be here so soon.


Allison Hansen said...

Where did you get those cute red shoes? Are they Lucy's or yours?

Nicole said...

GReat pics of Fall Stills. I am glad you have a real Fall to enjoy too.

Sara Suman said...

I love fall. If I wasn't pregnant, I think I'd be sad it is almost over! Such cute shoes too! (Lucy's and yours!) And crust-less pumpkin pie? Fabulous idea!

megan said...

how I love fall! great homage!
been resisting buying candy corn for weeks...but it's just so pretty isn't it?!

Jean said...

These photos are so beautiful. How in the world do you make felt and candy corn look so stunning?? I almost want to buy them and frame them, they're so nice. :-) Happy autumn!!! I really want some of that ice cream.

sachia said...

I always feel like I'm cheating Fall living in sunshine town, USA. Thaks for making me feel "fall-ish". ALso, I'm headed to Target now for those boots. Thanks!

Deborah said...

What does it say that I just totally doubled the length of my shopping list for this morning by reading your post??


dietcokegrrl said...

Ooooo--what festive pics!!

Funny Lucy story! Hannah is remembering all about getting candy last year and can't wait to go trick-or-treating too.

OK. That ice cream looks soooo yummy! mmmmmm.

And I love those shoes in the second picture! Very cute!

Crustless pumpkin pie, my fave! I hate pie crust and always just eat the filling so this is perfect for me!

YAY for fall!

Saunja said...

Ah, fun fun pictures. Beautiful. And I love that Lucy needed to get hanging pumpkins. Very cute. And great idea for a crustless pumpkin pie!

lyndsey said...

great photos! LOVE the little boots :)

[btw all i had for 'winter shoes' when we moved here were the cowboy boots...since we've lived in utah i've upped my boot collection to 3 and growing :) glad lucy gets to do the same]

Robyn said...

My Sophie has those same boots! I saw them and LOVED them for her. She has worn them for a month straight. I am tempted to go buy a pair that she can wear in a year!