How to make your mom's day

Today while coloring paper full of hearts, Lucy looked over at me and said, Mom, this is the perfect day!
I laughed and replied, I'm so glad!
She then asked, do you want me to say it again?
Mom, this is the PERFECT day!
I'm glad we have a cheerful girl.
And on a related note, Owen has started saying Thank You every time I hand him something. It comes out really high-pitched and sounds more like "Theek Oooo!" These are the moments every mom needs.


Nicole said...

Oh I LOVE moments like that. Looks like we both had memorable days. I was told twice this morning by the girls at different times that I was "Super Mom". Life is good! I agree, I am glad we have cheerful, grateful kids!

ForeverYou said...

I know.. somne times my little girl would come and say mommy give me a kiss. I say: ok here it is. And then she would say : give me more. SO I do and then she will say spasia(Spasibo: Meaning thank you in russian ) So It truelly makes my day too.! I think she is warming up a bit more now not like she used to be..

Saunja said...

So, so sweet.