Post Thanksgiving Camping!

Our good friends, the Laws, in Round Rock are starting a new tradition the day after Thanksgiving each year.....Camping! They'd noticed that every time their kids prayed they would throw in "please bless us that we can go camping again..." So they took the hint and answered their prayers.
There were about 10 families and oddly enough, the campgrounds were just a few miles from our house at Lake Georgetown (comforting for the women to know....should they need to crash on our couches in the middle of the night). And even though it was November, the weather was perfect! It was chilly in the night but not freezing (I was worried about that). We had a great time!
We got there in the afternoon and after setting up camp, we hiked over to the lake.
The sunset was just gorgeous:
There's something about a glassy lake. So serene.
That night even more families showed up for the campfire. It was pure chaos and pure fun as kids roasted hot dogs, mallows, and anything they could find.
We had a fun time chatting with new people and getting to know everyone. Two of the Law kids, Mimi and Katie:
We made it through the night (with a couple meltdowns and cold feet) and we woke up to a beautiful sunny morning. My absolute favorite part of camping is waking up in the morning. I have so many fun memories of coming out in the morning chill, watching the boys build a morning fire, and sipping hot chocolate.
And Casey did just that.
He got out his fabulous portable grill:
And got the fire going:
The kids hung around the campsite, eating,
and looking a little tired still.
There were so many cute kids everywhere. Lucy and this little girl immediately became friends.
The sat on that chair together, looked out in to the brush and exclaimed, it's Mickey! haah. That cactus does look like Mickey ears:
Sadly, I can't remember that cute girl's name (or her parents' below) but they're from Irvine and we finally put it all together that we were in the same stake at one point. He knew my other Suman cousins.
Jessica and Scott Law, the camping ringleaders:
their son Luke:
and his cool big wheel:
This girl was just darling:
And here she is with Mimi (who you might recognize from my Turkey Skirt pics)
Casey made egg muffins, sausage, and eggs and it was a huge hit! Food is a sure way to lure friends over to your site.

After breakfast the kids got on their bikes and rode around.
Eventually Jessica organized them into a race and it was the cutest thing.
They lined up....
On your mark, get set.....go!
And they all took off!
except for Owen. He just sat there.
And sat there.
And when all the kids were done, he would go. Funny kid. He did it every time.
Eventually everyone got in on the fun.
Thank you Law family for organizing! Three cheers for camping!


Lettie said...

I love the composition of the all lined up picture just showing the wheels.

Jean said...

Yay!! How fun!!! I do love camping. And I love those pictures of Owen in his hat on a tricycle -- OH my gosh. He is SO CUTE.

Nicole said...

Fun!! I love that the kids found the Mickey Mouse cactus & I love Casey on the scooter. We love camping & this makes me want to go this year for sure & not just in our backyard. Glad you guys had fun.

ForeverYou said...

Dana! What a fun post! I really enjoyed reading it. It brought my memories up of all camping adventures that I've done in my life. I really love it too. There something special about camping even if it is freezing at times ! I guess it's the fire! The food that seems so much tastier then at home! Or just the tent itself. Owen is so sweet. I used to wait too when I was little and I did not really like to participate I would rather watch. Or may be he just figuring out how it al works! He had fun! That's what meters :) And Lucy is so beautiful and fun who would not make friends with her!

Saunja said...

That is hilarious how Owen just sat there. Cute. Glad you had a great time and didn't freeze to death.

Becky said...

loving those race pics.