Owen's turned 2

On December 7th, or little Owen turned TWO! And these past few months he's really gone from being a one-year old, into a little boy.
And I think he and I have grown together. I no longer feel the love-annoyance relationship I did when he was really young and basically whined all the time. He still whines, oh yes. But he also has a cute, goofy, and sweet personality. And he still loves to cuddle with anyone.
And finally over Christmas he really started talking. It's such a better means of communication for all of us!
For his special day we hung out at home, met dad for lunch at McDonalds and played on their toys,
we tried on Dad's hat,
And eventually got tired.
Man, Dad looks tired too.
That evening, we had a small party, just the four of us. As we sang Happy Birthday he just sat there, beaming at us. Enjoying his moment.
He opened a few gifts:
And loved his new animal puzzle,
while Lucy played with the totally cool kids remote-controled Airplane that Grandma gave him:
We celebrated his Number 2 with a No.2 Pencil cake:
(and make-shift birthday candles)
And then I let both kids lick all the frosting they wanted off the cake....until I was too grossed out to eat my own piece of slobbery cake.
Happy Birthday Owen! We're so blessed to have you in our family!


ForeverYou said...

He is the cutest boy on earth! When I was pregnant with my doughter I thought I was going to have a boy so I bought all boy clothes and decorated baby`s room for a boy.. And then I found out I am having a boy and my husband seating in the with me while the tech was doing ultrasound almost fell of the chair. I had to change everything to a girl mood. I was at first very disappointed because I wanted a boy so much. I don`t regret anything of course! But always wanted to know how would it be to raise a boy...! I bet different! I think Owen is very sweet and his face shows it so obviously. My Daughter wines a lot too. I am still trying to figure out how to stop it!It gets to me at times.. really gets to me..!

ForeverYou said...

Sorry Dana I meant I found out I was having a girl
Jeez I might have to go to bed because I am getting blind after sitting behind the computer for so many hours..!LOL

Nicole said...

Oh he is soooo CUTE!!! What a little stud he is! I LOVE his shirt and the #2 pencil cake, you are Super Mom!! SOunds like he had a fun day with his family.

Visible Voice said...

He is seriously so adorable. Cute Kid loves him. I love LOVE his little birthday party with just the four of you. How sweet and special. And so much easier to enjoy! Oh oh....cute kid has instructed we must go see the cake again. I wonder how he knew that the pencil was a cake? He's got like...cake intuition.

Sassy Polka Dot said...

Owen is so cute! Happy Birthday Owen!!!!!! Dana, that cake is amazing! Good job!

Jean said...

Yaaaay! Happy birthday to Owen! That sounds like the perfect 2-year-old celebration: McDonald's, presents, and lots of frosting. Nice. And I love what you wrote about the love-annoyance relationship. So true. I definitely feel that with Weston, but it's nice that it's so much less frequent now than when he was a little guy!!

Robyn said...

He is the most handsome boy (next to mine of course!) What is it about little kid teeth? They make me want to hold them as tight as I can and love em. I L.O.V.E the pic of him looking up, probably at the cake. That profile and that cute hair. Yeiks. What a cutie! P.S. I totally get what you mean when you talk about them growing up and they are more fun than a pain.

kel bel said...

Happy belated birthday to Owen! What a cute boy! And what an awesome cake. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me, Dana. I hope you are enjoying Austin. We hear great stuff about it. Please let us know if you ever come through ABQ on your way to CA (that is, if you ever decide to brave the drive rather than just fly!) We'd love to see you!

Saunja said...

Happy Birthday cute little boy. Love that guy. And way cute cake you made!

The Miller Family: said...

lookin good owen! delilah will catch up soon. i love the birthday cake.

Diane said...

He is so adorable! I love the pencil cake and the cute t-shirt. It's also comforting to hear that someone else has a "love-annoyance" relationship with their baby. That's how I feel right now with Gavin. Good to know it will someday get better, right?

Karis said...

I can't believe how time flies! He is such a cute little boy! I love his little smile. Cute T-Shirt too! It looks like he had a great day!