Thanksgiving '09

This year, instead of joining our extended families in Arizona or St. George for Thanksgiving, we stayed home, in Texas. Some good friends in the ward invited us over to have a feast with them a few other families. Um, you mean I don't have to make an entire meal on my own and I get to laugh and joke around with my girlfriends? YES please!
We ate yummy things like this:
We hung out in their beautiful home, playing games, watching football, and chatting:
We ladies went on an afternoon walk. Here are Tami and Cathy. Two totally fun ladies (not sure why I didn't get a pic of Tiffany? our fabulous host). How cute are these two? Cathy moves to Florida sometime in the next month or so. And I'm already going to miss her and her wonderful dry humor.
The kids sat at their own table, while we adults sat in the living room. Rachel and Bayleigh. Both are in my Achievement Days class at church. Such sweet and clever girls:
The boys, the boys:
And the big kids, who didn't complain about sitting with the not-as-big kids:
and finally the little kids (which in Lucy's mind was sitting with the Big Kids). Jordan, Cameron, and Lucy. Cameron is a couple years older than Lucy but she's so sweet and includes Lucy while they're playing. Just like her mom! Thank you Tami.
And what did Lucy feast on? A bunch of monochromatic carbs.
No way did she try that olive. I was hoping.
Thank you Tiltons, Dyers, and Haslams! We had a fabulous time. And mostly, I'm glad I was there to capture this excitement on his face:
Happy Thanksgiving!


Nicole said...

Great Pictures!! Looks like fun. I admire how you can make friends so easily & quickly wherever you go. Who wouldn't want to be your friend though, you are wonderful!

lyndsey said...

what a fun thanksgiving! ha, lucy's diet looks like mine these days. yay for new friends! [btw, your rolls look awesome. those pans must really work ;)]

Jean said...

How fun!! Beautiful pictures!! Lucy's meal is so funny - that's so typical of little kids! Haha!

ForeverYou said...

Oh How I miss crowded thanksgivings.. and My family. It was so nice to read your post and "live" it while reading! Love Lucy's face. Just want to tease those cute cheeks. I am glad you had such terrific time!

Saunja said...

Your pictures are just incredible. You are getting so good at that! That first picture of the mashed potatoes makes me want to go make some right now!

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