3 First Days for Lucy

This past week Lucy started 3 new things.

First, she went back to preschool. Most of the same kids were returning to her class, so it was fun watching her get excited about seeing her friends again. I always thought that was the best part of going back to school too. Well, that and the new school clothes. Lucy didn't get any of those since she still fits stuff from 2 years ago. But, it may be time to retire these shorty shorts. Her waist is stagnant but her legs keep growing. What a little string bean.
Funny picture. Looks like she has no neck.
Second, she started seeing a speech therapist.
You know, when Lucy was 15 months old her pediatrician freaked out that she wasn't talking yet and wanted Lucy to see a therapist. I was super reluctant and we never did it, and by 2 years old she was talking just fine. I had no idea though that two years later we actually would be going to speech for a totally different reason.
Lucy has a hard time with the letter "s". She says it through her nose and you can tell she's working hard to get the words out. So we're taking care of it. Her therapist says it could take almost a year to correct but we'll plug away at it little by little. The bummer part is that Owen has learned to speak from her and now has the same problem. He's too young for the therapy right now. So we'll probably be back here in another year with him.
Her sessions are a 1/2 hour long and it's just Lucy and her therapist, Katie. Owen and I stay in the waiting room while they go through speech exercised together. And at the end....Lucy and Owen both get little lollipops! Good rewards.

Third.....Lucy started a dance class! Oh she was so excited about this one. The girl is constantly dancing around the house (and anywhere else we happen to be). I've been holding off because I wanted her to be old enough to really understand dance instruction and now she's the perfect age!
We purchased tap and ballet shoes at Payless (and then found some at the Thrift store for $2. Woohoo. She'll have plenty of shoes to use over the next few years)
She tried on the gear, showed me a few moves, and then had to wait for a whole week till the dance class started. Of course she asked about it every day. Is today Tuesday?? Nope. Two more days.
I made her a girly bag to hold tap and ballet shoes, which only raised the excitement level.
I made a bunch of different colors (shown on MADE) and let her choose her favorite. Pink, Pink, Pink!
Finally the big day came. She quickly got dressed,
grabbed her new bag,
and off we went!
It was a hit from the very start. She totally loved it.
Owen, the Toy Story gang, and I had fun watching it all through the glass.
It's so cool seeing your kids grow up and start to do the "older kid" things. Seems like a rite of passage when your first child starts an extra-curricular sport. Next big milestone...kindergarten. But we've got one more year till that.

Happy FIRSTS everyone!


Becky said...

cute, cute, cute - she looks so darn happy. I never get tired of seeing little ones with their backpacks on. I also love seeing all the kids in dance class. A friend's sister came into town who doesn't have kids and akined watching Katie's tap class to watching a bunch of puppies b/c they were all so cute.

Kate said...

oh, I can't wait for Chuck to take dance. I'm dying!! So my kid isn't talking either and she is 18 months. When do I become concerned???

Leslie said...

oh gosh... so so sweet.. look at you go today.

how old is she Dana.... are her and Rylan close in age... I keep considering dance.. but think the same thing. but I know she would love love love it...

The Hunt House said...

Oh little Lucy. It makes me miss her so much to see these pictures. She is still so little and petite but looks so grown up too. LOVE that last shot of Buzz with the dancers in the background...so cute. Paige has that same backpack courtesy of Disney

Camille said...

oh, what cute pictures! I'm glad that she's loving all of her new activities. And funny that those clothes just keep fitting and fitting! Love the little bag you made! Super cute! What a great idea.

Sara said...

same clothes for 2 years?! That must be nice!
So fun for her to start dance! Love the little outfits. Makes me excited for Kenna to start ballet next week!
And good luck with the speech therapy! I am going to miss her cute nasaly Ss though!

Sassy Polka Dot said...

She's soooo cute! I love her little outfit and
shoes! Cute bags too! Awww little Lucy is
growing up! :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

She has had some much going on. I love all the pictures with her wonderful smile.

Jean said...

She is the most adorable string bean in the entire world. Hooray for all the firsts!!!

Nicole said...

So CUTE!!! Fun milestones!

Suman Family said...

cute little lucy! i hope she is loving school and her classes! i wish we lived closer to you guys. i mean, i wish you guys lived closer to us. :) i can't even imagine lucy speaking any different - i want to freeze her just like this forever. take lots of videos to remember her sweet little voice and s sounds.

Delia said...

Hey Dana.

Sorry to blog stalk you onto your personal blog. :) I was checking out Kam's blog...who is one of the coolest girls I have ever had the privilege to meet... and catching up when I noticed that you and she are friends.

I took a peek at your family blog and just had to comment on this post. First off your family is so so cute. Owen - my Owen - was in speech therapy over the summer too. We were a little opposite in the matter though. I was worried and the doctors never were, year after year, until we switched doctors for this 5th year check up. This doctor agreed with me. So I got him evaluated and he was badly delayed...like I thought. Don't you hate that? Speech therapy is such a blessing though. He speaks really well now and it only took a couple of months. Our therapist taught me how to train his speech at home and it was a really neat experience.