Farmer's Market

The other week Katherine wanted to check out the local Thursday Farmer's market. So we packed our double-strollers, drove over to the park, and got ready to spend an hour perusing the local fare (secretly hoping I'd score some kettle corn).
As we pulled up, we both started laughing. There were literally 8 vendors. Eight. And some of them had only a table-full of 10 squashes. Well, we'd be done in about 5 minutes! (and there definitely wouldn't be any kettle corn). So we got the kids out and made the rounds.
Among the mini-market we found a few gems. Great Harvest bread! Mmmmm. They were out of White (bummer) so I went for Asiago Cheese.
In retrospect, however, I really should have bought a loaf of pumpkin bread. Oh, I've been itching to make pumpkin pie! The weather was in the low 70s today with a lovely breeze and I immediately got the Fall Fever.
As Katherine checked out some handmade soaps, I stopped by the honey booth. I wasn't planning on buying anything. But the 90-year-old woman that I chatted with was way too cute to resist. She talked about running the bee farm herself back in the day and about how she only has the energy now to bottle the honey and show up at markets to sell.
She showed me her Apricot Honey, made from dried apricots and similar to preserves. And I said yes.
10 minutes later, we were done with the market tour and headed to the park toys for the kids. These three are so cute together.
And baby Virginia is always a good sport, along for the ride and going with the flow.
Cute Virginia and Katherine:
When I got home, Casey laughed at my purchases and wondered why I spent $7 on a small jar of honey. I told him about the sweet 90 year old lady. He laughed at me again.
And for breakfast the next day, I spread it over cream cheese and a honey-wheat bagel and it was deeeelish!
The asiago wasn't quite as exciting, but it did make some yummy cheese bread.
Thanks little farmer's market for the lovely afternoon. We'll probably be back.


Jean said...

Oooh, your purchases look SO tasty. (I'm also really hungry right now.) I love the mini farmer's market - it reminds me of when a farmer's market opened a block from our apartment in Pasadena. I was SO excited, and it was the same situation - really small, few vendors, (sadly) didn't last very long. But it was great for a while to have one so close!!

Nicole said...

Looks quaint and homey! How fun! I too would have caved and bought the $7 jar of jam. That bread sure looks good.

Katherine said...

Still laughing about the 8 vendors. Hopefully it will pick up again in a couple of weeks! Still, I'd do it over again for a fun afternoon at the park and some GH bread.

Becky said...

what no kettle corn?! I think it should be illegal to have a farmer's market without kettle corn, it's un-American, right?

yo nance said...

How do you always manage to find new friends who have cute kids to photograph?!

We have a tiny Farmer's Market just at the shopping center closest to us. (Tanque Verde and Catalina Highway) And they have Kettle Corn...neenerneenerneener. I'm thinking I might try being a vendor sometime after the holidays. What am I thinking?!...I'm not even wanting to do the boutique this year.

shelly said...

Sounds like our farmers' markets. There are always just a handful of vendors who back their trucks in and sell off their tailgates. Maybe a card table. And I've never seen kettle corn at one. Bummer.

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