Friday Night!

When we moved here a year ago we were totally excited to be "locals" by heading to the high school football game every friday night. But we jumped into the season late, kept missing the home games, and usually ended up at a random Round Rock game. So this year, we're on top of it! And on Friday night we cheered for Georgetown.
It was a blow-out game with Georgetown killing Temple. But no worries, the good football atmosphere was there to entertain.
I had to remind Lucy what a football game was (since she kept calling it baseball).
But she quickly caught on, remembering the "dancing girls" and loud band music.
Little Oboe enjoyed the game excitement too but mostly.....
he focused on the crickets jumping around the bleachers,
keeping his shoes on or off (this is the first pair of flip-flops he's owned and I love them on him!)
and making sure all his toys were lined up in order.
Of course we were all along for the treats. The highlight of any sporting event right?
I was bummed they didn't have kettle corn. I guess we'll have to hit up a Round Rock game afterall. Hooray for Friday Nights! We'll be coming back for more.

(I never grow tired of this little profile):
(and the back of this head):
And yep. In case you forgot, we live in Texas.


The Hunt House said...

I love the cell phone on the belt. Classic.

Nicole said...

FUN! Great pictures. I am loving all the catch up you are doing.

Lexie & Sharrid said...

Oh my Swedish Fish! They are my favorite! Your post reminded me of one of my favorite movie quotes, see if you can get it. I hope I don't botch it.

person 1: "He had a gun!"

person 2: "This is Texas. Everybody has a gun...my florist has a gun!"

Kate said...

I love the thick crease on the back of the jeans...how do they do that?

Jean said...

I just got called to YW, so I will be heading to my first Oklahoma high school football game this Friday to cheer on a colorguard girl. I AM EXCITED!!! The first time I saw our local stadium, I was thinking, "That's for a high school, right? Not a college?" Yeah... then I remembered I was in the South. :-) Glad you all had a fun time!! I'll have to remember the Swedish Fish!

Saunja said...

AWESOME. And I also love those flip flops on those cute little feet.

Just wait until Homecoming!

Kasey said...

Haha! Pressing seams into jeans is how cowboys distinguish the "dressy pair" from the "casual pair!"

Looks like fun. Our local high school keeps taking the state championship...maybe we should check out a Friday night game.

Jesslyn said...

Went to a high school game in a really small town (Granbury, TX) with my old boss once and it was a bigger event (full color guard and everything!) than some of the U of A college games! It was a ton of fun. One of the things that struck me most, was that there were reserved seats for the season ticket holders. And EVERY seat in the bleachers was taken!

Damaris said...

what a super fun post. coming from Brazil i never understood American Football. I never even went to a game until we moved to Hawaii and we went to see my husband's high school Kahuku play in the final. It was super fun. I'm sure the kids in Texas can play but let me tell you, Polynesians are total pros.

k a t y said...

Man, I miss Texas. Ryan actually had a job offer back in Dallas. If only most my family hadn't followed our lead and migrated EAST!


yo nance said...

I would love to tag along on your family outings...you always have so much fun at such interesting places.

Oh, and about the pressed jeans...they actually have metal frames that they insert into the jeans while they are still wet, and then hang them up. I didn't think they still sold them though.