Dodger Dog

What better way to spend date night than behind home plate at a Dodger Game?! One of Casey's friends offered him tickets an hour before the game. Of course we said YES, and of course we lured Eric and Laura into driving up here so they could enjoy it with us.

The seats were awesome. I've never sat that close before. Actually "watching" the game took on new meaning. Ava even enjoyed it, even if she did fall alseep in the middle of all the noise. Of course we had just as much fun acting silly, checking out the hard-core fans around us, and my favorite part: the seventh inning stretch (check out the people behind us singing).

The game went into extra innings, but the Dodgers closed the game with a grand slam finish! It was awesome! Crowds went wild and players rushed the mound.

Eric's favorite part of the night, however, was when they asked, "guess the attendance of the game?" Everyone started spouting off numbers in the high thousands...then I gave my estimate, "um, 3 thousand?" Eric could not stop laughing.
THREE thousand?!
The real total: 49,000.
Yea, I was a little off.
Keep laughing Eric.
Fun times with the Dodgers! And we didn't even park at Dodger Hill.


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Heather said...

We haven't made it yet this year. I'll admit, I'm a little jealous -- you guys had great seats! Reed bleeds blue up here, he's been going to games (and LOVING THEM!) since he was four months old.