Graduation Day for Lucy

As many of you know, Lucy is int the lower percentile for weight. And at her gain-rate, we thought she'd be in her infant car seat till she was 18 months. The law in California states: 20 lbs AND 1 year old before the child can sit forward facing. At her 1 year mark, Lucy was still at 17 1/2 pounds. But it's a been a couple months now....so...we got antsy and decided to weigh her ourselves, at the grocery store. Casey advised me to be as covert as possible, so no one in the produce dept would see what we were doing. Of course the minute we sat her on the scale, a couple nearby looked over and laughed and chatted. Oh well, we smiled and laughed back.
And the tipping point, folks: 19 lbs!
We decided her weight was close enough (please don't tell the authorities). So we bought her a forward facing carseat and she rode in it for the first time yesterday. I think she just gazed out the window for the first 10 minutes of our drive, loving the new view.

As luck would have it, however, our little bulimic daughter decided to gag herself on the drive home and now the seat is christened with her throw-up. We won't show any pictures of that.
But overall, a good change. Our little girl is growing up!
Here she is in her new seat.

(p.s. her forehead bears the war wounds of walking. She fell on the cement this past weekend.)

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Jenn said...

What a big girl!!! Just wait till she spots you looking at her in the rear view mirror. Way to go Lucy!

Pst... we jumped the gun too at 19lbs too.