Rain Rain, go away

Last week was a bit on the dreary side. And I gotta be honest, I'm much more chipper when the sun is out. So on Friday, I got my day in the sun. Laura planned a little outing for everyone, to the Long Beach Museum of Art. Eric, Laura, Ava, Camille, Jeremy, Karen, Lucy, and I met up in the LBC where it happened to be quite sunny and very beautiful.

First things first: Lunch,
at In N Out. Yum Yum.
And then we drove along Ocean Blvd to the Museum, which overlooked the water...a gorgeous view. The artwork inside was good, but the kids had more fun climbing up and down the stairs. Lucy was not using her "museum voice", but there weren't too many people there, so we let her go-at-it on the cement stairs.
And then when we headed outside, she and Jeremy found a small puddle of water on the sidewalk (since it had rained all week) and
she spent a 1/2 hour splashing and playing in that little puddle. And she got drenched.

Laura was concerned, "I'm totally stressed right now, watching her in those wet clothes." But I came prepared with an extra set (or two) of clothes. A mom always has some, right?
It was quite a fun outing for everyone. Thanks Laura for planning!

And to top it off, the freeways all day were a breeze! No traffic, on a Friday, when it had been raining earlier, in LA? I couldn't figure it out. But I loved it. We stopped in Venice Beach to pick up Casey from his work Treasure Hunt and then we hit up Tito's Tacos for dinner. If you've never been there, you gotta go. Best Mexican/American tacos on the westside. And the song on their website is annoyingly addictive.

What a fun Friday!

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