Tub Time

Lucy loves taking a bath. Since I don't want to waste water filling up the whole bathtub, we have a little storage container that she bathes in. It's just her size!
And to make the experience even less frills...we don't have any real bath toys. Mostly she plays with household items and tupperware. In fact her favorite toys around the house are old Zone Bar boxes and empty Nestle Choc Chip bags (not that we're going through bags of chocolate chips or anything).
So back to the tub...she loves playing with a Cool Whip lid, and last night I decided to stick it on her head. Normally she pulls things right off her head. But last night she let the lid just sit there, on her head, like a little hat. I thought, wow she doesn't even know it's there! So I ran to get my camera and of course it had fallen off by the time I got back. So I put it on again, and again she just let it sit there. I then thought, huh, I guess she likes it. So I snapped a photo, while she splashed away in the water. She definitely keeps me laughing.

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