Christmas time with the Willards

Merry late Christmas to everyone! We hope you had a festive holiday, ate lots of yummy food, and spent time with family. That's what we did!
I have many pictures to post from our holiday adventures, so I'll try to brief but enjoy it just the same.
Here we are the Sunday before Christmas. Nice attempt at a Christmas card photo...but it's looking to be a New Years card again this year instead:

Lucy in her Christmas dress:We went to see some of our good friends, the Browns, in Glendale Sunday night. They have a cute little girl named Bridgette who's now 8 months old. She's a happy little girl and of course, Lucy was in heaven playing with their cats and dogs.
It was the Willards year for Christmas, so we headed up to Simi Valley. At their outdoor mall they do the fake snow! Parry and Linda stayed home with Owen while we took Lucy to enjoy the white flakes. She loved it.
Here's Lucy enjoying the snow (I think it needs some "kodak moment" music or maybe the "you've just won the world series" Disneyland tune):

Grandma and Grandpa Willard with Lucy and Owen:
Grandma loves to hold her little grand babies!
Christmas morning becomes more fun as the Lucy gets older. She was still a little young to understand it all but she definitely liked the toys once they were unwrapped. Grandma and Grandpa Willard got her a little baby doll and a stroller. It's a cute little boy doll, so that he has her own "Owen". Cute.
Her other favorite toy of the day was....Elmo. She's been carrying him around the house and likes to cuddle with him in bed. She also got a mini soccer ball from Casey. Soccer is destined for her future:
Aunt Lauren was a doll and took care of Owen the entire Christmas day and night for us. It was a great break! She held him, fed him, changed him, and didn't even mind that he was fussy. Thank you Lauren!
While Lauren watched Owen (and Lucy ran around the house) we had time to play a totally fun game: Ticket to Ride (which Jeff and Nicole got for Chad and Lauren). We loved it!
And this picture just makes me laugh. I have no idea what they're talking about. But here are Chad (Casey's brother), Casey, and his dad, cleaning up the turkey dinner.
We had a really fun time at the Willard's house. We missed Jeff and Nicole's family and Brady but we look forward to seeing everyone this summer and throughout the year!
Merry Christmas!


The Hyer Family said...

I love that game! We played it up in Island Park and I got addicted! Cute pics!

Nicole Willard said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. I love the pictures and video of you guys at the mall with the fake snow. So cute. Nice to have with out the cold!!! Linda & Owen look so cute in that picture together too.

PS---You look amazing for just giving birth a month ago!!!

Connie said...

I love that last picture!