The Pasadena Library

Every Tuesday morning we go to StoryTime at the Pasadena Central Library. The building is beautiful and near the Old Town area. For about 25 min, the kids have story time, sing songs, get their sillies out, and watch a short little movie (often from the "Little Bear" series. I love it). And even more fun is that 4 of us from the ward are in the same class together. So the moms get to chat afterward and sit on nice cozy chairs while the kids read books together.
There's a little nook with a windowsill where the kids can sit and pull books out of the basket. The warm sunlight pours in. It was too cute to not take a picture of them reading.
Michael, Grace, and Lucy (Chloe was out of town today):
There is some really beautiful architecture around Pasadena. Here's the view out of that same window:


lettieb said...

I am jealous that you have a kid that would sit so nicely and read. We haven't gone to story time in months. Last time we were there, Zeke was the kid (because there is always one, right?) running around and mad that they have to be there. That does look like a beautiful library though and how fun that you hang out with other moms you know afterward.

teresa and the boys said...

*sigh* These pictures are doing nothing. I mean NOTHING for my distaste of the 4" of snow we got yesterday, nor the storms moving in tonight and again Friday.

Nicole Willard said...

We love the library too. The girls are good to sit there and we have little programs where people read to the kids too. It is fun. Your library is so pretty!! Lucy looks so grown up there sitting and reading her books. She is a doll.