It seems that we've been going to various parks every morning this past week. Just gotta get out of the house. So today's outing was to the Arcadia Arboretum. A bunch of us in the ward go to Story Time at the Pasadena library...and so we all headed to the Arboretum afterward because today was Free Day! You could spend hours there walking the grounds and studying the different species of trees. But um....we had 9 kids between the 4 moms. So mostly, the kids ran around on the grass and tried to play in the fountains. Here's what we look like on a normal outing:
This fountain was far too tempting. The steps actually lead down TO the water.
All the girls were ready to put their paws in:
Shannon with some of the kids. I like this picture because Lucy looks so funny, like an outcast, not sitting with the group. Funny girl.
Finally we found a fountain they could play in. It was just tall enough that all they could do was splash around with their hands.
The kids just looked so cute, I kept snapping pictures.


Heather said...

We love the Arboretum! If you're willing to brave the heat in the summer it is overrun with peacocks, peahens, and their chicks. A beautiful sight, indeed.

But I haven't found a fountain for the kids! I just keep finding the fountains where the birds defecate. blech

YAY for field trips!

Darci said...

Oh, I love the Arboretum. How I miss it. We went there a ton. Now I can live vicariously through your blog. Any chance you are going to the Huntington soon?

debra said...

I love the Arboretum! How fun to live close enough to enjoy it! We use to go there all the time as kids! I think they use to film the TV show Fantasty Island there with the little man who would say "da plane, da plane"! Random, but for some reason I remember that!

Congrats on your little Owen too- I keep meaning to post comments, but it obviously never happens! Your kids are beautiful!

The Hyer Family said...

I love that pic of Lucy...she totally looks like she's in timeout, with a scowl and everything! And you're right...I do look like I'm flashing a gang sign...remnants of a former life!

Nicole Willard said...

Lucy looks so very cute and feminine in her little lavender outfit. I hope Jillian still fits in hers in the Spring. Cute pictures.

Kizzycakes said...

i'm jealous!!!! i wanna come! everyone looks so cute. good times in the 626. miss you guys tons.


megan said...

looks like fun

teresa and the boys said...

Hey dana -- Teresa here. It's been so fun keeping up with you guys, that I decided to get in on the action and start a family blog. I started one on blogger (hence the link), but then Aaron decided to be all fancy-schmancy and set one up on his URL. So despite the link, we have a cyber-presence at blog(dot)aaronboswell(dot)com

Do you mind if I add you to our roll?

Anne said...
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Anne said...

Oops... don't know what happend there... what I was saying was:

January in So. Cal! It doesn't get much better than that. It looks like it could be May-- gorgeous!!