"We're patting our OWN backs"

Did anyone watch LOST last night?
With the writer's strike, we haven't been expecting any of our shows to start airing. In fact, we've taken to watching old episodes of Northern Exposure on PBS. (Apparently I missed that boat the first time around. And I'm loving the show now! Great writing and great characters. Check it out)
So...we were pretty surprised last night when we saw that LOST was recording on the tivo. I thought it was a repeat, but I checked the info and it said "2008". Well okay! Woohoo! We watched American Idol and then settled in to watch a great new opener of the LOST season.
But as the first scene came on, we noticed that the footage looked familiar. And THEN we noticed this annoying ticker line/subtitle thing at the bottom of the screen with dumb info and questions, "this is a flashforward" (um, yea, got it. thanks?) "this was not the first Oceanic flight that Jack was drinking on"...."What does this newspaper article say?"...."Looks like a turbulent flight!" We finally looked at the info button again and realized this was a repeat of last season's finale with an "insider look at facts and info". Oh pa-lease. What a cheap trick by the creators to air something "new" while not having to do anything. You know, if I've seen an episode once, I think I'm set. I don't need to watch it again with stupid words at the bottom telling me what it all meant. And I don't need joey montage episodes, rehashing everything that happened in the season (another LOST faux pas). It's like all those reality shows that have a "reunion episode" because they think we care about that stuff? I just want to see the real show! Or rappers who sing about how great they are. Um, shouldn't the rapping just speak for itself? I guess I'm saying that while Casey and I enjoy LOST (and have watched it since Season 1), the show is far too self-congratulatory for our taste. They just continue to pat themselves on the back.
Am I....lost?


lettieb said...

I actually have never watched Lost (I know, I know, EVERYONE tells me I should), but I did like Northern Exposure back in the day. So it's on PBS? That seems weird. I'm glad you guys have found something "new" to watch while there is nothing on. I HATE the writers strike!

the bates motel said...

you are funny. we starting watching it last night too and bren was falling asleep, so we peaced out, but hello i'm still stoked for the NEW episode tonight! i'm bakin and cake and everything :)! dorky i know!

Nicole Willard said...

You are not LOST!! We agree, we watched that last night too. We are big LOST fans ourselves and can't wait for tonights episode. Though it seems that last season, after each episode I walked away saying over rated & a bit disappointed. I am sure it will be the same this year, but I just can't turn it away. I just hope they remain LOST!!

Heather said...

I have to admit, because I'm usually doing laundry or cleaning when I watch tv that I actually liked the "enhanced" rerun of last season's finale because it helped me remember all the details. It helped me get back into the mode for the first episode of this season. :-) I know the show is totally over the top and everything but I love LOST.