Make your blog into a book

Some of you asked what site my sister-in-law Laura used to turn her blog into a hard-bound book...and here it is: www.blurb.com
It's similar to making a book on iphoto or shutterfly. It's reasonably priced and so great if you're a blogger and want to keep a hard copy of all the posts and pictures you've taken. You simply upload your blog link and it does a rough format for you. Then you can go in and customize things, add more text, delete things, move pictures around etc. And you don't have to have a blog to make these books. They're a great alternative to scrapbooking.
Laura is doing a book for every year that she blogs. And I think I'm going to join her. It's such a great idea! I haven't seen her hard bound book yet, but she showed me her template online and it looks great! Just to give you some specs, her book has 240 pages, 560 something photos, and it cost about $70. She was also clever and ordered 2 copies of the book: 1 copy to leave out for people to look at and 1 copy to put away and store as their "personal history".


dietcokegrrl said...

This is such a GREAT idea--thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

I'll ask you what I asked the first person who told me about blog binding (she obviously didn't answer me.)

Does it include comments?

(because, really, don't we all live for the comments? That's part of the history!)

lettieb said...

Thanks, Dana. I have been wanting to make photo books of the boy's birth days. I looked at dozens of sites, but it appears that this one is the best deal. Great info!

dana said...

Laura said the site doesn't automatically put the comments in each post, but she's read somewhere on blurb.com that you can add them. She didn't want comments, but it sounds like you can do it.
I agree, comments are part of the history! (especially on your blog Heather. People leave long thought-provoking comments. And I love that you usually respond too!)

Suman Family said...

240 pages! 560 pictures! It's bigger than you could imagine! Ha ha. Anyways, I think it's done printing and shipping out today. I hope to have it by the end of the week. I'm so excited to see how it turns out - the quality especially. I'll let you know and I'll definitely bring it along the next time we all get together...Mere's b'day?

Sara said...

Thank you thanks you! I am so excited to do this, as I love to blog but am not much of a scrap-booking girl! This is great!