2 months old

Owen is 2 months old today.
Here are his stats:
* weighs 11 lbs
* drinks 2-3 ozs every few hours
* sleeps for 3-4 hours (never any longer. grrr)
* is awake for 1-2 hours at a time
* smiles
* makes some cooing sounds
* still fussy and likes to be held
* doesn't mind taking baths
* rarely spits-up
* is the cutest little thing

Keep growing little guy!
Here's what he looks like "in action". Mostly though, you can hear Lucy in the background saying "uuuuup? down" (her new favorite words):


the bates motel said...

happy 2 mo owen! what a cutie and i love lucy's voice in the back!

Suman Family said...

happy two months birthday twin! love-ava

cute cute smile!

Will, Nat, & Fallon said...

you truly have the cuuuuuutest kids!!

megan said...

he is dang cute!! 2 months already?! crazy!

Nicole Willard said...

Happy 2 months big guy!! See you in a month!!

Sara said...

I can't believe he is already 2 months old! I love his spiky little hair! I am so excited to meet him (which Makenna and I will get to do at the end of March:):) Mark is going to Memphis for a competition for a week, so Makenna and I are going to come hang out with the Sumans while he is gone!!)

Darci said...

Wow, he is already losing the newborn look. CUTIE!

Anne said...

He is so darling. I love the naked picture with only a diaper. Just love that age!!! You just want to eat him up! :)